When you decided to become a talented winegrower and get started in the wine business, you might have not figured out the difficulties that awaited you. You’d probably prefer to care only about your grapes and concentrate all your energy on the production of these Grands Crus that give you so much pleasure. But you’ve been caught back by reality quite quickly. And yet… Yes, it is possible to succeed in the world of wine. I show you the way in three points.

Accept an inner change

There’s no lack of obstacles in a winemaker’s career and you have as many reasons to be dissatisfied:

  • The harvest has been poor;
  • The weather is against me and damages my grapes;
  • Fees and charges are too heavy;
  • I don’t have enough resources to beat my competitors;
  • I’m worried about my future, etc.

This is an endless list. It will continue to renew itself as long as you expect from the outside an improvement that can come only from yourself. Without realizing it, you focus on the difficulties and only suffer them. Your entire environment becomes complicated, painful and frustrating.

Why not allowing yourself the easy way?

A simple internal adjustment can change the game and make the external conditions harmonize. By ceasing to be focused on what is wrong and changing your way of understanding your business, you will see how things are smoothly falling into place all of a sudden. You will then know that you’re on the right track.

To be more concrete, let’s say that you will then be able to:

  • operate more calmly in your vineyard and your environment;
  • sell your wine at higher prices;
  • reduce your charges;
  • be 10 years ahead of your competitors while spending much less;
  • regain confidence in the future.

Are you ready to change your mindset?

Know what you want

This is all well and good, but how to achieve this?

To make this positive change, it is important to position yourself at the centre of your wine.

Do you know the Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing? If not, just think of ManpowerGroup old logo that used the idea. Well, I suggest you do the same: you stand tall, well on your feet. You spread slightly your legs and arms. Here you are at the centre of your wine and your exploitation.

Now ask yourself this question with which everything starts for mankind, according to Leonardo.

“What do you want?”

Ask yourself sincerely. To make an impact, to value your wine and winemaker’s know-how, it is essential that you know exactly what you want to share in this world of wine. You are unique: what particular nuance can you bring to it? What message do you want to convey on this earth through your wine? What is its soul, its deep identity?

Vinci_Te positionner au centre de ton vin

The Vitruvian Man (Vinci), Position yourself at the centre of your wine !


Perform one miracle at a time

Visualize Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing again: a circle, a square, legs and arms in different positions. Everything superimposed as if … the man was flapping his wings!

Now that you have set your will, it’s time to move forward. For that, question yourself a second time.

“What are you able to do?”

What can you start with? I say start because wanting and doing everything at the same time can only lead to a huge amount of stress! The central chakra, the vital energy is then locked in and too much of everything can even insidiously lead to heart attack.

By what little action can you start?

A series of small steps in the same direction always brings a radical change. Anything is possible, just perform one miracle at a time.

It changes everything. Your energy breaks free. Your actions in the world of wine suddenly release a vibration of success that anybody can perceive. You are attracting opportunities, which feeds your personal and financial growth. And it helps you to progress towards what you want, to assert the identity of your wine.

When you start to be charismatic, it means that you are well anchored in your mission. Your message is clear, and everything becomes easy. You no longer have to sell your wine; people just want to buy it!

When I mention this series of small steps, I have in mind a modern method that is far from these commercial techniques belonging to the past. This method is part of a sharing process full of sincerity and authenticity. There is no more a winemaker on one side, and customers and prospects on the other side. But a mutual respect, a “we” sharing their values. In vino veritas!

I want to transmit this method to succeed in the world of the wine and to develop a healthy and sustainable business. You wonder what your first small action could be? What about starting by taking a tour on this website? What about joining our club of ambitious but serene, talented and respectful of their public winegrowers? We’re waiting for you!