Since 2002, iDViN accompanies PREMIUM wines in the definition of their brand identity, their strategy, their communication, their labels, their Internet tools, and their multi-media promotion.

iDViN is a precursor, particularly followed and recognised in France and internationally. Our expertise, attention and artistic sensibility make iDViN a different, distinctive service.
iDViN knows how to improve sales, to VALORISE wines that merit it, and to develop their notoriety.

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From our founder, Galatée Faivre

“While aware of the need for a serious approach to marketing, professionals just don’t have the in-house human resources, the methods, or the time.

Where do the winning ideas come from?
What are the best practices in terms of PACKAGING?
What are the wine marketing methods that today favour the development of sales in France and for EXPORT?
How can I maximise the effectiveness of my communication budget?

My family has been in the wine business for more than 200 years and I have international marketing training, including 20 years experience in international wine commerce and 15 years in wine marketing.

With iDViN, I am determined to apply methods that VALORISE quality wines. I have built, with my team, a method with tools that permit a TRUE, SINCERE and COHERENT approach to marketing that’s appropriate for each producer because it’s anchored in identity.

For 15 years, with this method, iDViN has been the external [identi-terre] marketing service. Every day, we put marketing at the service of fine wines, thanks to our expertise, and our effective and tailor-made tools.”

Galatée Faivre

Our philosophy

Identity comes from the Latin “identitas”, from “idem”, “même”, meaning “self-same”… “m’aime” (“love me”). What is UNIQUE is “UN”, it’s what makes a GROUP: a wine (“un vin”), or a family (“une famille”) of wines.
Identity marketing (“identi-terre” – identity rooted in a place) allows, using the same method, an infinite number of UNIQUE and DISTINCTIVE strategies to be built in response to your objectives.
Each wine and each family of wines has its own timeless identity. Being rooted in this TRUTH allows an approach to be both efficient and COHERENT.

Our values

Our relations
Long-term partnerships
Exchange and transfer of skills

Our founder Galatée Faivre

For more than 20 years Galatée Faivre has traveled both the world and the french wine roads. She meets and shares a lot with winegrowers, buyers and distributors. This career path has given her a global and synthetic vision of the sales and valorisation of France and Export wines problematic.

In 2002, she created iDViN, the first external marketing service dedicated to French wines. Thanks to a unique methodology, this formula allows her to elaborate an infinite number of marketing strategies depending on each professionnal’s objectives.

She defends wine, in particular against anti-alcohol messages in her first book, in 2006, ‘Divine Ivresse’ (‘Divine Inebriation’). And in 2008 she synthesised her work method in a second book entitled ‘Marketing identitaire, l’ADN de la marque vin’ (‘Identity marketing, the DNA of wine branding’).

iDViN SCHOOL is the result of all these meetings and experiencees and its goal is to allow as many wine professional as possible to benefit from these pratical advices online.

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