So, you want to know everything about wine in five minutes? I’ll let you in on the big secret! It’s a secret that won’t be revealed anywhere else. If you’re a wine lover, it’s going to mark you for life. You want to know it, don’t you? Well, I’ll tell you, but in exchange, you must promise to share this article with a winemaker you know. For what reason? Simply because my direct sales group will be able to help him or her at this time.

The great secret of wine

Here’s the secret.

My family has been in the wine business for over 200 years, so I’ve had plenty of time to observe how things work.

In those families that love their vineyards and their children so much, the busy, harried fathers never have more than five minutes to explain wine to their curious teenagers.

How do they do it then?

They tell them a phrase. And they give them a gift.

Do you want to know what the phrase and the object are?

The phrase, the secret, is:

“You can tell a wine by its flaw”.

This simply means that if you want to recognize a wine easily, blindly, find its defect.

And when you hope to become an expert, just memorize the flaws of the nectars you have the opportunity to taste.

The gift is a nice little notebook with an instruction: during the next 3 weeks, taste 2 to 3 wines at the same time.

Put your own words and names on your impressions and note the names, the grape varieties, the regions, the qualities and especially the defects!

The alchemy of wine

“There, you know everything about wine, I’m going to the cellar!”

That’s what my father Lionel Faivre told me.

And now, it’s as if my father had passed it on to you too.

It’s magic, it’s the alchemy of wine!

My father was proud to have managed the harvest from the age of 15 until he was 72.

And he didn’t even realize the incredible talent he had to be one of the very first organic winegrowers in France on 125 hectares since 1989!

The cool gesture to taste a wine well

Why 1989?

Because it’s the year when finally, we could indicate the mention “organic” on an AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin).

Now, I’m going to explain you a simple, efficient and cool gesture to taste a wine well.

To taste is to divide.

To taste is to gather and touch the divine of the wine.

Now you know everything. Everything you need to know about wine.


Connect with kindness to each wine;


Rely only on yourself;

To your personal impressions ;

Your mouth, your nose, your eyes.

Spot the flaw;

Love this imperfection!

Wine is alive, and like a human being, it has the defects of its qualities.

Appreciate the shortcomings as much as the strengths.

tout-savoir-sur-le-vin-en-quelques-minutes All About Wine in Five Minutes

What is your favorite wine?

For a winemaker, the wine he loves… is his own.

He knows its purities as well as its drawbacks.

The only problem is that he is often isolated and overworked. He doesn’t know how to talk about it simply.

So he delegates: to an interpreter, a journalist, a sommelier, a wine merchant, a floor manager….

All this is changing.

The vineyard professions are evolving, but wine remains our social totem.

And winegrowers must now be able to speak up and express themselves freely to those who taste their wines.

Modern digital tools allow this direct and authentic expression.

These means used intelligently offer short circuits, direct sales, for each dive bottle that has something to say.

All this is called the new wine economy.

The new wine economy, to discover the vine in a different way

On Youtube I created a channel for wine professionals to talk about it, to learn about tools and better value their work, their vines. We also have clubs for them.

You know, the winemaker spends his time in the middle of his grapes. He often has little wifi at home. He is not too much on the internet.

And as a result? he doesn’t have this information that can greatly facilitate his life in the coming weeks and years.

And above all, it will allow more wine lovers to taste his real wine in a short circuit.

So be nice: pass this article on to him, talk to him so that he understands the message.

Here you go, to know everything about wine,

You will realize that by appreciating their qualities, but also their faults, you will become knowledgeable.

You will become more knowledgeable than many, many people who learn about wine without understanding it.

You don’t need to read the Bible to talk to God, you don’t need to be an art historian to admire a beautiful painting.

And you don’t need to know everything to love everything in a glass of authentic wine!

You may know some winemakers who are a little conservative, who like to stay where they are. I can imagine the look on my dad’s face if I told him to go on YouTube. And yet… You too can give a hand to your colleagues who continue to think and sell the way they used to, without advancing their exploitation! I’m talking about your friends, but what about you? Perhaps you would like to know more about my methods? I can tell you more in 15 minutes. Make an appointment with me, and you’ll discover how to boost your sales effortlessly.