Copying others stupidly never works. When you were a child, you were perhaps in the camp of those who tried to copy the first ones of the class. In the end, you never made any progress that way. Or maybe you were among those who accepted to be plagiarized? In any case, there was no risk that the other person would get a better grade than you, since that old method was always ineffective. And in wine, to find the right technique to sell your bottles, imitating other winemakers is not the solution either. It didn’t work well before, and now, let’s not even talk about it. But then, why copying others to sell your wine is a huge waste of time? Copying or imitation, an inefficient technique…

Copying or imitation, an ineffective technique

If you try to copy what one of my winemaker clients does, it won’t work. Why won’t it work?

First of all, because you are unique, and so is your wine. If you imitate your colleagues and advisors, there will be a gap between your words, your writings and your nectar.

Secondly, because in this case, you interpret from the outside without really knowing and therefore, your risk of being wrong is very high.

And, above all, you will never be aligned with the soul of your wine by slavishly pastiching another.

How long have you felt the desire to be more economically successful?

It’s not since the coronavirus crisis, is it? How many years have you been wanting to sell your wine better? How many hours have you been walking around scratching your head in your cellar?

While you’re thinking, someone else has taken action. Then another neighbor… Everyone is passing you!

Simply because it’s a good time to take action!

Many employees leave their jobs to create their own business and finally live from their passion. Many people are questioning their way of seeing things, to live a better life.

This is what this period of profound transformation requires of us.

It’s now, and in fact, it should have been done yesterday, during the lockdown.

You already have everything in place to improve your situation. You don’t need much to make it happen.

My club members have been selling their wine and building confidence in the future, which is crucial for all the changes that are coming!

Sell your wine better with a personalized method

gain, how long have you been telling yourself that you want to sell your wine or champagne better? You’ve been going around in circles, trying to figure out how to do it?

Looking at what your competitors are doing, and wondering why it doesn’t work when you do what they do?

Think about it for a moment: there is nothing that wastes more money and time than doing nothing.

Inaction is the biggest result killer.

And in our wine clubs, we tell ourselves every day that there are only two alternatives:

Find excuses to accomplish nothing or get results.

What do you want: to find more so-called good excuses for why your winery is stagnating?

Or would you like to achieve scores that are finally motivating for your business and that quickly reach an excellent level?

In my clubs we encourage each other, because we understand each other.

Together we have chosen to make numbers, to progress.

Perseverance and hard work always pay off, if you do it right.

Taking action and getting what you deserve for your winery

In life, you get what you put up with.

Results come from your sacrifices and your sacrifices come from your commitment.

You don’t sell very well? That’s because you accept the situation.

You wait without taking action.

Today and now, what are you going to do for yourself and for the future of your vineyard, for the future of your children?

What are you going to leave as a legacy to the history of your winery?

You want to think, OK.

But what do you want to think about?

Stop thinking and start acting

Honestly, when I talk to someone on the phone and they tell me they want to think, I tell them right away that I won’t call them back.

Thinking is a pattern that doesn’t work.

The way you think, to make your decisions, sticks you it this situation. It will get worse with the crisis and the changes which are coming.

If I let you think, I’ll leave you in the position you are in today.

But if you are stuck and don’t make a decision for the moment, it is perhaps also because you have too much information coming at you at the same time, from all sides. You can’t tell what’s real and what’s not anymore.

Finally, when you think about it, the best choices in your history, how long did it take you to adopt them?

It was obvious, the path to take seemed clear, and you took action in five minutes. And after that, your life changed.

And now some people will say, “How can I be sure this will work?”

“I’d like to hear from people who have already gone through this, and I want testimonials from other winemakers who work with Galatee.”

Testimonials from winemakers who have taken action

Don’t worry, there are plenty of testimonials!

Type my name on the Google search engine: “working with Galatee”.

This video on Youtube has more than 1400 views.  

And yet I don’t have 1400 clients…

This means that there are many winegrowers who remain simple spectators. There are many who are thinking, who are stuck in inaction…

You know, other winemakers have different lives than you. Your daily life and your situation are unique, it’s logical, nobody is like his neighbor.

So, necessarily, the solution that suits you is also specific. Your system is yours, not someone else’s.

Specific tools adapted to each person

I offer you tools and a method tailored to your own objectives.

You are the one who takes repeated action! And result after result, you will positively transform your life as a winemaker.

You will enter the new wine economy head on.

So, now get out of this situation.

I will help you, I will guide you, thanks to solutions that I will share with you, according to the needs that you will have expressed.

With me, there will be no more talk, no more bullshit, no more excuses for not moving forward.

If you want to get better results, you have to change the way you think and act.

What kills most is the expectation of perfection: I wait and hope to harvest twice a year, to have time, to have a budget… or that things happen by themselves, which of course is not possible.

You had time with the confinement… so what? You’ve been thinking…

And if you wait, without changing anything, you’ll have less and less money.

Slow decision making is fatal to wine businesses

I’m going to share with you an essential phrase to post in your office:

What kills the most winemakers and wine businesses today is slow decision making!

When you enter one of my clubs, there is an extraordinary phenomenon.

As soon as you register online, in your head and in your body, something happens.

Everything opens up: your horizon, your confidence, your actions…

Why? How does it happen?

There’s nothing magical about it, it’s simply because you finally allow yourself to succeed!

You allow yourself to do what 98% of winemakers don’t do, you know, all those who saw the video of testimonials, but who continue to think about it…

Clarity comes in action

Another essential phrase that I repeat from morning to night: clarity comes in action.

Because you are never really ready. The best solution is to adjust to the reality of the moment. To what the market, the current situation is sending us.

What are you looking for in your field?

Find an importer in a week?

It’s possible, come and get the information in the talented winegrowers club.

You want to open an online store abroad in a few hours?

You’ll learn how with my elite club.

The next few months will determine if you keep your wine business or not. In an effort to guide you, I’ve put together everything I can to help you over the next few weeks to have the best growth period in your wine business (and finally stop living on the edge!); to guarantee you success in less than 12 months and to keep your family and your estate safe. What you’ll find with us will allow you to grow while other businesses in the industry are stuck in inaction and panic. Stop thinking, start acting and click here to make an appointment with me, I am waiting for you!