For several weeks now, we’ve been adopting a new rhythm, imposed by covid-19. At a time when most countries are announcing the lifting of people lockdown, I hope that everything is going well for you and that you have stayed healthy. I hope this forced slowdown has given you some rest. Even though there is a lot to do in the vineyards, perhaps you have enjoyed the new-found flexibility in your schedule, while remaining active? This is what happened for me: I realized that I could be both relaxed and more productive at the same time. Simply because, in the calm environment, even if it is undergone, I am more focused. To better understand this phenomenon, I would like to come back to this coronavirus, the concept of illness and the one of healing. What gift can we discover in the midst of this crisis?

The coronavirus, or how the disease happens…

I suggest that you take a few minutes to think about all the systems around us that are somehow trying to run correctly. Those organizations that force their mechanism, that resist and stubbornly push forward despite their failures:

  • Our economic system;
  • Our political systems;
  • Our health systems;
  • Our school systems;
  • Our family systems;
  • Our businesses;
  • The interprofessions active in the world of wine;
  • Conventional and organic viticultural systems;
  • Europe…

In my opinion, the disease develops when a system that has long been struggling with its shortcomings runs out of steam and its members sound the alarm to make a change. As you can see, the disease is almost inevitable! Because it is impossible for anything to work ad vitam aeternam without any friction or resistance.

Sooner or later, unsolved dysfunctions accumulate and create the disease. The illness obliges us to take a step back as well as a time of observation to understand the problem.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this covid-19 crisis. I share my view here, but I urge you to form your own opinion.

The first question I have is: why let children starve to death for so many years on the planet and then overreact in just a few weeks to the coronavirus threat?

Actually, this virus seems to be harmless to the very young and mostly attacks older people and the sick. And if we look at the situation from an even more general point of view, we can see that it is weakening the systems that have had the highest number of malfunctions in recent times.

For me, the conclusion was self-evident: the coronavirus is nothing less than the disease of power in our societies…

  • Political power;
  • Economic power;
  • Ecological power;
  • Purchasing power (in the primary sense of the word);
  • Personal power (same remark).

What do you think?

How do we start the healing process?

I’ve been saying for a long time that perversion is the main cause of the dysfunctions in our past and present systems. We could also talk about lies or inconsistency. Besides, the coronavirus crisis can be summed up in one word: “scandal“!

So how can we cure this disease? By tracking down and revealing abuses of power and then gradually taking the corrective actions necessary for the proper functioning of our organizations. Want some examples? I quote, in no particular order:

  • The excesses of trade and mass distribution;
  • Toxic intensive agriculture;
  • Overly restrictive regulations that block agricultural employment;
  • Inconsistent European rules;
  • etc.

I let you complete the list. You’ll see, it’s a relief!

Both the crisis and the disease must be used as an opportunity to purge the system of its harmful elements. To achieve this, nothing like anger… or a good fever!

For it to be effective, however, it is important that the cataclysm be as rapid as it is brutal. There is nothing worse than a never-ending, nagging fever… This is unfortunately what is happening today in many wine sectors (Alsace, Bordeaux) or companies in France, Spain or Italy. No, it is essential to let go quickly, to get over the anger and start recovering as quickly as possible.

In my opinion, the healing process starts more effectively through a different and creative, surprising and decisive action.

After years of experience, instructive failures and exciting successes, I have become a wine business futurist. In other words, I anticipate the future by analysing the past and present, especially in the world of Premium wine. So here is what I advise in this area.

Current crisis and the future of Premium wine

While preparing this publication, I was reading a prospective article that appeared in a magazine for wine professionals. The text explained that beyond the epiphenomenon of the “Skype aperitifs”, wine sales were going to suffer from the crisis caused by covid-19. This is undoubtedly true, at least partially. Some companies linked to mass distribution or to the old model (Place de Bordeaux) have been resisting change for several years now. This sudden recession could well precipitate their downfall.

For a long time now, I have been predicting a phase of chaos followed by the emergence of a trend favouring local and qualitative agriculture that puts talented winegrowers at the top of the trend. Here we are. For them, whose know-how was not recognized by the wine world, the golden age is just around the corner, as long as they are aware of it and take the right actions now.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed…

Avenir-du-vin-premium Coronavirus, Illness, Healing: the winegrower's perspective!

This crisis should unload us from the millions of blended and reblended hectolitres that have lost their soul as certain producers force them into the tariff boxes imposed by mass distribution buyers. It should free us from the inter-branch committees and their abuse of power.

Above all, the crisis should offer an unprecedented audience to talented winegrowers who, in this new era, will benefit from exponential recognition of their Premium wines. It will be the beginning of abundance.

Moreover, have you noticed the evolution of wine position on the Internet? Of course, there is a lot of talks about coronavirus. But humorous wine-related subjects have never been so numerous. The invitation to share and let go when wine is tasted with intelligence and delicacy…

As if the soul of wine became the perfect antidote against modern-day diseases…

How to do it concretely?

How to concretely take the path of this healing and change what needs to be changed? How to assert your own creative power in all coherence and with respect for the truth? How to awaken the soul of your wine and spread it as widely as possible to all those who thirst for quality and authentic nectars?

It is no secret, I advise the use of the Internet to change the talented winemaker into a real star in his field. I recommend getting out of the appellation systems and get rid of intermediaries in order to better sell his wine. Quite a programme! It’s actually a logical sequence of small daily actions that allow you to reveal your winemaking superpower to the world.

Do you want to prepare your way out of the crisis, save time and prosper?

Then I propose you to join us in the Club of Talented Winegrowers. We apply our own healing process which consists of:

  1. Awakening the soul of our wine;
  2. Challenge ourselves to find an importer within a week;
  3. Work to find and convince a new importer every month.

I respect all choices and I don’t judge anyone. You’re welcome to join us if you decide to take action and find us. It’s up to you!

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram: we are a lot there, in a friendly atmosphere!

I’m also offering you 2 gifts that I hope will give you inspiration…

  • 1st gift: my 3rd book, 20 tips to better sell your wine, entirely free and delivered to your home at no charge. The book sums up my 15 years of experience in selling Premium wine, so I hope you’ll read it all the way through!
  • 2nd gift: the magic audio. It’s a 5-minute soundtrack to be listened on a regular basis in order to acquire a winner’s state of mind, which, let’s face it, is quite useful in these times! Its usual price is 49 euros but I decided to offer it for a symbolic 1 euro to help as many winegrowers as possible regain confidence.

I wish you a radiant future, don’t forget that this crisis can serve as an accelerator to reach your golden age…