What is a good wine label? It is simply a label that must be understood quickly and well. A twelve-year-old child should be able to read it and give you the three essential pieces of information it indicates. If not, then join us to find out how to remedy this! Find out with us how to create an attractive label to better sell your wine.

The right label that makes the sale

At iD ViN, we have what it takes to help you develop a clear and appropriate visual. Without calling on a professional graphic designer, with us, you will find what you need to create a striking label that will boost your sales :

A label that reflects your wine

The label of your wine is like its costume. It must be adapted to its personality. If you have a traditional wine, your label must be traditional too. If your wine is modern, it should be reflected on your label.

Sincerity is the basis for selling

Above all, you must express the soul of your wine as it is!

Your label must be clear and understandable

The label on your bottle must give off an atmosphere. The reading grid must be clear.

The designs and colors of your label must be consistent with your wine.


Simplify your offer to better sell your wine

All the studies prove it: when surfing the Web, Internet users have a concentration capacity equivalent to that of a twelve-year-old child.

The multiple solicitations, the environment of stress and choice in which your customer finds himself, make his attention reduced while surfing the Internet.

The bottom line is that you need to simplify your offer so that it is very accessible and understandable.

If you ask a child about your label, he or she will tell you what they understand.

If they don’t understand much, you’ll know that you need to correct it to hit your target.

Congratulate him or her, because thanks to this kid, you can easily increase your sales by 30% in three years!

It also requires a readable label. You can stop changing it every five years and never be satisfied.

You want definitive packaging, you want to stop using graphic designers who do the same thing for everyone without understanding what distinguishes your wine from others?

If you want all this, act now! At iD ViN, we give you all the information you need to take your label to the next level. Join us now, it’s the key to increasing your wine sales quickly and effectively!

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