You’re determined, in 2020, you want to boost your wine exports in order to increase your sales abroad in a sustainable and significant way. So you tell yourself that you’ll have to run the trade fairs again and spend crazy energy to find an efficient importer in each targeted country. Not to mention the preparation time and the exorbitant cost of this kind of event. Does that tire you out in advance? What if it were possible to export your wine without trade show fees? Follow me, I’ll explain everything!

A wind of change

You know me now, I am an expert in the wine business but also a futurologist. In short, it means that I study the past and the present to better anticipate the future.

Today I would like to give you some precious information because, as you have probably noticed, things are moving a lot in France at the moment! This winter is already particularly cold and chaotic. The country is getting stuck and various discontents could well cause the fall of the government in the spring. A new constitution then a third assembly could also be born…

This awakening of consciences, these challenges will win over the other European countries. Rest assured, the euro will remain in place and we will avoid a major financial crash. But these warnings will tell us that Europe is changing shape to become a lighter, more commercial version of what it is today.

In such a context, I strongly advise you against venturing to the next Wine Paris – Vinisud – Vinexpo trade fair. Unless you want to get stuck in social movements, snow and roadblocks?

Exporting your wine differently

You now probably wonder how to export your wine without going through the salons?

I regularly share on this subject on my Youtube channel iD ViN School (don’t forget to subscribe!). I’m also planning a live video where I’ll answer all the questions about the future of wine sales in France and around the world.

As I said before, the future, in my opinion, lies in direct sales from your vineyard to the final consumers, wherever they are on this earth. In other words, sales and especially exports without importers, without trade fairs, without journalists, medals, graphic designers, etc. It is an avant-garde technique and few professionals are prepared for it.

But before I teach you how to do without intermediaries, I can already show you how to find a good importer quickly and without going to trade fairs. All you have to do is use the Internet: within a week and without leaving home, you can already get interesting contacts…

The current problem for winegrowers is not the quality of their wine but the way they sell it. The traditional method is clearly outdated and inefficient. You only have to look at a few figures to be convinced: at the Paris wine fair, 3,000 exhibitors were present for only 30 importers in a buying situation. Tell me, where is the scam? Do you really want to believe in the arguments of the trade union, the inter-professional association or the show organizer who sells you the stand? Can you still afford to pay for this space just because everyone else is doing it?

To do as others do is to remain trapped in the past. The future, on the other hand, asks you to reveal your full potential, what makes you unique, and therefore different from your neighbour.

Convincing an importer

Once you’ve spotted the importer on the Internet, you just have to convince him. This is where what I call “exporting your wine in streaming” comes in. This is the future! Let’s even say it’s already reality in 2020.

The first thing is to guarantee the importer that you already have enough customers in his country to sell a pallet quickly. If he’s not stupid, he’ll soon understand his interest in buying this pallet from you! Then, you will continuously help him sell, without having to travel. Believe me, after placing an order, he will be the one to get back in touch, as he will be surprised by the modernity of your way of selling your wine!

Here are some analogies to help you understand how streaming sales work.

Remember the decline in CD and DVD sales, supplanted by the advent of streaming music and movies or on demand video. Well it’s the same thing: the importer is a platform. Customers come there to buy your wine because they already know you! In the same way that they know exactly which film or album they want to get when they arrive on the streaming or on demand video site.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, you make your wine known and then tell consumers how to buy it. You guide your traffic to the platform you have selected, in other words, to your importer. And tomorrow, you can even eliminate the importer, just as you eliminated traders and brokers by deciding to export directly.

Are you puzzled? So ask any good wine lover in the world: would he prefer to hear the sales pitch served by salespeople working for an importer, or would he be more sensitive to a presentation made directly by the winemaker about his production?

Just as e-mails once supplanted mail without really replacing it, just as Messenger currently supplants e-mails without totally replacing them, wine exports in streaming is the future. This method will take the advantage over many traditional trade shows and proposals for sales from the winery.

Moreover, this process also works with Belgian or French wholesalers: if you really don’t speak the language of the country, you can also develop your sales through this method. You can find big customers from 2020, without intermediaries, press relations, medals or other fairs. Without even a graphic designer or webmaster. Can you imagine how much time and money you can save?

Increase your export sales profit

But streaming has another major advantage: it allows you to increase your prices!

All you have to do is to add to your price list a line corresponding to your Internet animations for the importer’s customers. Even better, the importer is happy to buy for that very reason!

It’s a very innovative concept, isn’t it? Opportunities to increase prices with an importer who is already a partner are rather rare. In the club of talented winegrowers, I explain how to do this with a simple phone call…

I can already hear some objections: the price of music and films has dropped significantly in recent years. Why should it be any different with wine sold via the Internet?

I’ll grant you that. But keep in mind that the market has literally exploded at the same time: more and more music is being listened to, more and more films are being watched, and Netflix is covering new needs through its fast-paced productions. In the world of wine, the series offered by Netflix correspond to the Premium MiniBoxes for the southern hemisphere that I have been working on for a long time. But this is another story…

On the other hand, it takes time to produce good wine. Much more than it takes to make a series. The world production of Premium Wine is therefore difficult to expand and prices are likely to increase with the deployment of streaming sales.

Differentiate yourself through streaming export

If you’ve been following me so far, you’re probably starting to see an exceptional situation looming: volumes and sales prices will increase steadily over the next few years. Would you like to join me? It’s much better than diluting your good energy in a trade fair this winter, isn’t it?

This method, which allows you to find an importer within a week, is particularly effective. I’m limiting access to 30 winemakers. This way, the process remains discreet on the market and preserves the surprise effect at the importer level. And the conversion rate remains very high.

Would you like to be one of these 30 winegrowers?

Would you like to experience this dream situation?

A bit like in the blessed era when there were 6 ORGANIC producers for 10 thirsty buyers at Mas de Saporta for the 1994 Millésime BIO?

This ideal situation is called the blue ocean in marketing. It means that you are ahead of the market, that you stand out, which increases your value proposition. If you are interested, I encourage you to read the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. You probably know the success of Gerard Bertrand and Jean Claude Mas in the world of wine? They love this book!

Exporting was my first profession and I often applied these techniques of differentiation. I have opened many markets abroad: wines from the south of France to Quebec, organic wines to Japan, French red wine to Malaysia, etc. I may not look like it, but I’m an old hand!

Today I can guide you in exporting in streaming just as I helped organic winemakers in the past to structure their offer. Do you want to get out of the vicious circle of exhausting, disappointing and expensive trade fairs? Don’t wait! I’m talking about the immediate future, I suggest you to avoid Paris and Düsseldorf this winter, things change quickly!

To export your wine free of show fees, to sell in streaming, join the club of the Talented Winegrowers and adopt right now a winning spirit!