Would you like to be more efficient in the way you present your wines? A good sales pitch is like a wine cellar: it can only be built on a solid foundation. That’s why, before writing any lines, we awaken the soul of each wine in our sales clubs. There is also a technique to apply to write a good presentation of your nectar. Here are the five keys to telling your wine’s story and making sales!

1.         Know that selling is not a negative thing

Many winemakers struggle with sales. This is especially true with operators who are just starting out.

They often fear the reaction of their customers or see selling as something negative. As a result, they don’t dare to sell or they sell poorly, half-heartedly, because they don’t take responsibility.

Is this perhaps the case for you?

If so, it’s a real shame!

Because when you don’t dare to sell, it’s hard to make a living from your wine business.

So, how can you relax about selling?

Here are three crucial points to work on to change that:

  • Reverse:

Reverse your thoughts on the subject.

You need to understand that selling isn’t bad.

Selling is not about taking something from someone. On the contrary, it is giving, it is offering something more.

It’s also about helping your customers to go further in this magnificent art of living that is the culture of wine. And this art, this culture, this hobby interests your customers.

  • Assume:

When you are afraid of the reaction of your customers, when you have to increase your prices, you have to put your cards on the table with them.

Be totally transparent.

Tell them that you want to make a living from your business and develop it. Those who are bothered by it will leave, but they wouldn’t have bought anything from you anyway.

The others will appreciate your honesty.

And the support of a club and coaching is essential in this transformation. That’s what we talk about in our sales clubs!

  • Sell:

Practice makes perfect!

So it is by selling that we become a good seller.

Selling is like learning to get your license to drive a car. With the license, you become freer.

At first, you’re not outspoken, but a little at a time, with practice, you gain confidence. And then, you don’t even think about it anymore, it comes by itself.

At the club20, we accompany you as a driving instructor would in a car.

We are your co-pilots until you become autonomous for your wine sales.

2.         The customer is at the center of the sale

In a wine sales pitch, everything starts with the customer.

“The wines that sell best are the wines that people already want.”

This is one of my favorite phrases!

And that’s the secret of a successful sale!

There’s no point in trying to guess what the customer wants. It is useless to start with the wine or talking about the vineyard. There’s no point in trying to push bottles that don’t sell well.

Instead, get to know your customer’s desires on the tip of your fingers by testing them.

And for that we do a very powerful market research in our Club20: in 8 days we let the most powerful algorithm in the world tell us who is willing to pay for your wines and at what price!

This way, we know where we are going… and there are many good surprises!

3.         Selling is about emotions

I studied economics. We were taught the theory of Homo economicus – the rational man.

Bullshit! If my teachers at the time had studied a little marketing, they would have learned that Man is anything but rational.

He is rather a Homo emotionnelus – the emotional man. I don’t know if that’s really how it’s spelled in Latin, but you know what I mean.

Do you want a concrete example?

At the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, many people rushed to buy toilet paper rolls. This caused a lot of laughter on social networks; it might have seemed surprising at first.

But in fact, these people were not just buying paper. In reality, they wanted to feel safe.

Ditto for the excesses that followed with the masks and tests …

This is because we human beings have a whole range of needs that go far beyond eating, drinking and sleeping.

These needs are described in Maslow’s famous pyramid, the pyramid of needs.

This is why I recommend that you create emotionally charged sales pitches for your wines. They must be linked to the identity of your wines and their soul!

4.         A sales pitch is like an elevator

A convincing wine sales presentation is therefore a page that makes its reader experience emotions, alternating highs and lows.

Like an elevator. An emotional elevator.

Good movies do this perfectly: they take us through different states. There are dark moments and then joyful ones. Doubt then hope. Always going to a crescendo.

That’s why in Club20 I proofread and correct all the members’ texts, all their wine presentations, at the beginning.

This is also why the number of places in Club20 is limited to twenty people each year.

For the moment, we are full, or almost.

We have one spot left, and it’s reserved for a winemaker who has been promising to take action for two months. The more he resists, the more it means that he needs it…

However, the fast trains don’t stay in the station for long, and he already missed this train last year. Do you know what I mean?

Join us as soon as possible, we’ll find you a place quickly.

In our club, we work on storytelling. We follow a very precise scheme to captivate the viewers of our videos.

That’s why we call it an emotional elevator.

Because we take the wine lover at his starting point and we make him go up then down then up again emotionally until the sale.

You can see that this sharing, here and now, is not a straight line.

This means that we don’t sell by staying only in the negative. And that you don’t sell either by staying only in the positive.

You have to alternate the two!

How do you do this?

By using a proven presentation structure in the Club20, by being faithful to the soul of your wine, your champagne or your spirit.

5.         The wine offer must be sexy, gourmand and glamorous

This is the identity of premium wines. That’s it, I’m not saying any more. I’ve already revealed a lot here!

Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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