My job, as a futurologist, is to anticipate events to create a desirable future. That’s how we’re going to come out on top! As we start the new school year in 2023, I can tell you that the end of 2023 will be a very special time. It’s September, and normally, by the end of the summer, most people are in great shape, tanned, happy with their vacations and looking forward to returning to a new year full of energy. In short, at the start of the new year, entrepreneurs, winegrowers and others want to do lots of things! Is that the case this year? Well, no! People are – already – on edge! What’s in store for the end of 2023?

Everyone is at the end of their tether

In Europe, we haven’t even entered the cold season yet. So, if everyone’s already exhausted today, let’s talk about it!

I spent a few weeks in France this summer.

It’s usually warm and sunny in July and August: it’s “have a glass” season.

This year, I met a lot of people who were drowning, clinging to the few puffs of oxygen they could catch.

It’s totally abnormal!

Entrepreneurs are exhausted, harassed, lost: what can they do to get by?

Anticipating the end of 2023: To know is to foresee

The mainstream media are no longer providing a clear picture of the situation.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for us to get together and talk about all this.

Together, we’ll get a better idea of where we stand.

By putting things in a nutshell, we can work out how to act and where we need to go to make things right.

Constraints are piling up everywhere, even on the simplest everyday things.

Even if, by chance, we’re doing well – Yes, yes, yes, Love, love, love! – it’s likely that the prevailing gloom will eventually take its toll on us.


Know the situation to protect yourself

Of course, to acquire this knowledge, I use my intuition.

The vine brings me vibrations that enable me to perceive things that others miss.

But as a futurologist, I also analyze data.

We’re barely into September…

So, what will the situation be like as we approach Christmas and the end of the year?

Often, by the time the festive season rolls around, most people are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This year, they’re already in tears, even though autumn’s not here yet!

How can we act quickly and effectively to avoid being on the brink of collapse as 2024 approaches?

Let’s start, all of us together, by rejecting this heavy, ponderous atmosphere. Let’s get out of it and clear up our future, both short- and long-term. Join us ! In our club, we support each other to see clearly the right attitude to adopt to get better.