You’ve been working hard for a long time now to produce quality wines. You put your soul there and your wines are good. We can even say excellent! And yet you struggle to get your winery known and recognized. « This will take a century! », you can hear here and there. What if there was no fatality? What would you say of a simple way for talented winegrowers seeking recognition to build the new Grands Crus in just a few years?

Why so many obstacles?

The first reason is this commonly held view that, in this universe, you can’t break through rapidly, whatever your talent. Many gifted winegrowers resign themselves and do not dare. They are stuck in a combination of wrong beliefs.

They have also accepted what I call the reign of lies. In such an unsavoury world, large structures offer cheap bottles and influence the market. No need to dwell on the subject: you’ve already seen these commercial successes based on outstanding pressure on mass distribution, haven’t you?

Those “marketing wines”, I personally cannot drink them. Not to mention to taste them. What about you?

Of course, in the infinite flood of lies, the truth always manages to come out. And quality wines end up getting the expected recognition. But it sometimes takes several generations…

Don’t want to wait?

Stay true

I sincerely believe in this. Winegrowers shouldn’t be intimidated. They should stay true and dare to say things as they are without concealing anything. Go against unscrupulous competitors.

That’s how I’ve been working for 15 years. Speaking the truth creates value. It works well: I’ve accompanied not less than 300 competent winegrowers both in France and abroad so that their premium wines are recognized at their fair value.

Using the digital lever and the power of the Internet, we can achieve in one year what previously took a decade. The world is changing and offers many opportunities to those who are not afraid to seize them. Let me say it again: it is now possible to establish a Grand Cru in just a few years.

If you also love wine, real wine, good wine, the one that holds the magic of human and deep sharing, you’re most welcome in the club!

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