The harvest season has begun, and the period is both exciting and frightening for winegrowers. Will the conditions be favourable? Will the grapes look good? Will the harvest be enough? Will the year be profitable? These questions tease you and you look for signs. And if there was a way to break free from stress? Follow me and let us release together the soul of wine to co-create a great future…

The endless cycle

As in many areas, winegrowers try to predict their future based on past events. They visualize their results in the light of their previous successes or failures. You may not escape this rule.

You had a bad harvest last year and suffered some climatic accidents? Your unconscious is afraid to see the scenario repeat and you constantly worry about excessive rains or lack of water.

Or maybe the last vintage was just excellent? You then expect the same thing to happen and even wonder about a possible surplus of grapes in your area, likely to unbalance the markets.

The wine calendar seems to be repeating from one year to another: the harvest preparation, decisions to be taken, the harvest itself, winemaking, etc. All Saints’ Day arrives and you breathe a little, just before starting the marathon of salons and direct sales to prepare year-end. A short break in January and it’s gone again: sales of rosé, wine fairs, international shows, until spring. And summer is already here.

And all over again …

A never-ending struggle…

What if it was possible to break free from this infernal cycle?

Enjoy grape harvesting time

You don’t have to constantly repeat the same patterns. What would you say if you could live more serenely during this period of harvest and maintain a peaceful state of mind the rest of the year?

The first step to achieve this is a step aside. The change begins with adopting a different viewing angle.

You keep enduring and resisting but you’re probably not far from letting go. It’s a beginning as it’s not a matter of capitulating or staying inactive. Letting go means taking action at the best time, then letting things happen and accepting what is happening. Relying on the universe for what is out of your reach.

When you give up vain resistance or stop trying to control what cannot be (the weather for example), it provides with a curious feeling: you recover a real POWER of action on what really matters.

That’s what I want for you in the current period.

To help you, I offer you two effective tools.

Two tools to prepare 2020

The first tool is a copy of my third book. It has just been published, and is titled:


It covers many topics: building a rewarding signature, selling your wine on the Internet at premium prices, selling in France and abroad, etc.

On the occasion of the launch, rather than sending it to journalists, I prefer to use the Internet and offer it to the 100 first winemakers who will need it. Just leave me your address and I will post a paper copy that will arrive for free in your mailbox.

If you find this book valuable, I’d be grateful if you posted a simple picture on social networks likes Facebook or Instagram. A photo of you with the book, or just your wine in the background. Your contribution will have much more impact than three lines published in a magazine … and quickly forgotten.

The second tool that I propose will help the exhausted winegrowers to succeed during harvesting times! Beyond physical depletion, mental and emotional fatigue often causes a loss of energy and enthusiasm. When you do nothing but fight, you miss joy and what nourishes your source of life.

Here is the MAGIC AUDIO. It’s a podcast that you can listen to for 5 minutes each day, lying down to relax. The goal is to mentally destroy everything that holds you back and regain a strong spirit. What you need to co-create an extraordinary vintage.

You can listen to an extract by clicking on the MAGIC AUDIO link.

You don’t know which option to choose?

If you feel fit but you’re looking for concrete answers to create value from your wine, order your free copy of the book 20 TIPS TO BETTER SELL YOUR PREMIUM WINE.

If your mind is saturated; if you have neither the desire nor the time to read, recover joy and energy thanks to MAGIC AUDIO, a podcast to listen without moderation before, during and after harvesting times.

Whatever your situation, I will be happy to help you live free in the world of premium wine, in gratitude and abundance.