There is now an essential action to sell your wine: you must make videos. You have a know-how and you have to show it! We live in a world of visuals and videos. The small films of vineyards are quite essential to realize. Without them, it will be impossible to increase your sales. They are easy to implement! Not making videos yet? Let’s take a look at how you can take action by eliminating what’s holding you back.

Making a good sales video for your wine: stop being a perfectionist!

Think your video has to be perfect? It’s the Hollywood syndrome, you think you’re a great American director.

You think a drone is essential to film your vineyard? A feature film about your history and your life as a winemaker would be welcome? You would like to show all your plots and all your vineyards with front tracking shots?

Well, no!

It is impossible.

You have to accept imperfection.

Why? Because it leads to something more important: authenticity!

Tame your image and start loving yourself on video

It is true that often, when we work the vineyard, we have not had the opportunity to tame the image of “self love”.

The development of one’s own image is not natural for everyone.

It is time to remove this brake, and to learn to like the image that you will send to others.

Here again, you can be helped with simple tools to enhance your image.

Stop self-sabotage

Making videos is easy, it’s fun, and it can make a big difference economically.

Not doing so is self-sabotage.

You can find a lot of excuses: I don’t have time, I’ll do it tomorrow, I don’t have the right equipment, it’s going to cost me a lot of money to call a professional, I don’t look good today…

But now it’s time to finally get started.

Take action with the support of iD ViN

Stop procrastination and start a virtuous circle of creation. Reveal to the world how well you make wine!

Dare to take action, chart the course.

Of course, it’s harder to do it alone. Your old demons will soon show their faces and you will put it off again, without even having posted your first video.

So how do you do it?

With iD ViN, accompanied by a support group, you will quickly eliminate the brakes that have prevented you from taking the plunge until now.

Once you get started with us, you’ll see how easy it is and how well it works.

Join our caring group. Once a week we meet and take action.

During this videoconference, I meet winemakers – and entrepreneurs in other fields, just as authentic – who are determined to change things. Together, we unlock our brakes and move forward. That’s how we attract the positive.

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