We’re in an abnormal situation. In a few months, even a few weeks, from the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, some people are going to give up. People can’t take it anymore. Massive departures are going to happen. It’s the chronicle of a catastrophe foretold! Can we change the situation? Is there anything we can do to slow down, or even avoid, the phenomenon that threatens the world of wine and entrepreneurs in general? Fortunately, yes!

A long road ahead

Of course, things are difficult. But what has always kept us going is solidarity. This summer, I spent several weeks in France, and I saw a lot.

The phrase I heard most often was “in France, it’s complicated”. This phrase actually applies everywhere: Australia, America, Africa, Europe or anywhere else, we could list the map of the world!

We are hounded on many levels: road harassment, bans and controls of all kinds, administrative torment… Not to mention the narcissistic perverts who are everywhere in our society: in companies, administrations, in the street. Even at school, the youngest children are subjected to bullying, sometimes with dramatic results.

Rebelling against this abnormal situation

We’re living in an abusive situation. And unfortunately, many people have allowed themselves to be trapped in this environment, where harassment is increasingly present.

It’s obvious that everyone is at their wits’ end. So we have to fight and rebel; we have no other choice if we are to survive.

The fact that we verbalize it, that we say it, that we express our frustration out loud, is a game-changer! Why is this so important?

How are you?

The first social phrase between two people is “how are you?”. The first step in making contact is to ask the other person, in all sincerity, how they’re doing.

It’s an empathetic way of greeting and showing interest in the other person. This will give you an idea of the climate of the exchange.

By asking these people – and waiting for their reply – who can’t take it anymore how they are, we open up a space for listening. And that changes everything!

The benefits are many. First and foremost, the person standing in front of you finally has the opportunity to rediscover a real social link.

Social Link

Communicating to reconnect

This same social bond is what has always saved countries, people – in short, humanity!

When the stalker succeeds in taking all the space, he sucks the energy out of his poor victim, who can no longer fight. He or she’s let down by abusers who have no respect for others. And all this is caused upstream by repetitive abuse that literally wears out the victims.

So it’s my turn to ask you, with sincerity, courtesy, kindness and empathy. How are you? So that we can all, together, see that things are not as they should be and finally move towards a desirable future.

If you too are at your wits’ end, join us in our enlightened winegrowers’ clubs. Together, we’ll succeed!