Getting ready to take stock of 2022? You want to have a clear vision of this year that has just passed and is almost over? And you’re wondering how you can change the way you sell your wine today? To reap the benefits of this work, you need to take action now. If you come across this article in December 2022 or January 2023, you’re in luck! Think about the people who will discover it too late and will have lost time and money – or even be ruined because they didn’t do the right thing. I share my method publicly, simply because our wine industry really needs it.

Selling your wine in volume and value

On my various media, such as my YouTube channel, I regularly share summaries about the market situation.

I also propose solutions to help you sell your bottles well, in quantity and in quality.

Motivational messages are a leitmotif.

Indeed, to be well understood and integrated, the repetition of these notices is necessary, especially because of a form of disinformation practiced by both the interprofessions and by the so-called wine unions.

In addition, I am offering a free meeting so that we can consider together what you, in particular, should do to develop the potential of your wines, spirits or champagnes.

The new wine economy is waiting for you, it will only take a few minutes. Click here to make an appointment with me. Don’t delay, places are going fast.

Good resolutions for the new year 2023

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, you just need to decide on a few things to do to start the coming months off right:

  • We have neither a production problem nor a consumption problem for our bottles at the moment (but no magazine will tell you that for years);
  • We simply have a communication problem (it’s classic) and a marketing problem.

The solution to these problems?

We just need to quickly change the way we sell wine and animate our bottle sales.

If you don’t change the way you sell your wine and communicate in 2023 …. Who will do it for you?

Maybe you still hope to receive a grant?

We agree, we forget about that.

Are you counting on the support of the restaurants?

You know that they also have their problems after the closures of several months related to Covid, now they cannot recruit staff. Finally, they too have their problems.


It’s still complicated for them too.

And if finally, we were always wrong, thinking that our bottle sales depend on others?

The retailers, the brokers, the journalists, the restaurant owners, the wine fairs, or all these intermediaries that we think are indispensable…

That’s a lot of people and the winegrowers would be entirely dependent on them?

Well, no, let’s change that!

2023: a new way of doing things to finally take control of our future

To avoid – or stop – being the victim of a market, an appellation or someone outside your farm…

The solution is easy to guess, you have to create your own sales machine!

So that it stops hurting. Because then it will hurt even more.

Because you can’t take it anymore and it’s time to say “Stop!”.

Id ViN School is here to co-create with you a new reality for your vineyard.

This is the future of the vineyard: we must all become our own market, create our own clientele, the ones we love and want to do business with.

These ideal customers we want to reach with modern and online tools.

To do this, we must:

  • Clearly define our objectives;
  • Choose our sales methods, in your home country and abroad;
  • Determine our deep identitý in the wine world;
  • And finally, take charge of our professional life by challenging ourselves.

At this time, these words are no longer things said in the air, they are simply an absolute economic necessity if you want to make it in 2023.

The 2022 balance sheet and the 2023 objectives for your winery

At the end of 2022, you can already take stock of what has happened in the last few months on your farm.

Is the turnover satisfactory? Are you on the right track?

Or does what you see point to a bad year? Poor sales, a shaky cash flow, a lack of prospects and an investment capacity close to zero?

Until recently, in 2018 (yesterday!), I was scared.

But I reacted. I had no choice, you know that if you’ve read my personal story that I tell here.

So I told myself that I had to do something. I told myself that I was unique in this wine world.

And that this something I have that is different, I could decide to express it in video. After all, what was I risking?

The worst thing that could happen to me was to live beautiful things, aligned with my values and my experience.

And if I could only help a few winemakers each year, that would be huge.

What would you say if you realized that freely expressing your truth in video can make this wine world a better place?

The ideal scenario for your upcoming year

What would your ideal wine sales video look like?

Take some notes and contact me: I’ll help you design, produce and promote it.

You’ll see, it will allow you to sell your bottles better, not only in 2023 but in 2024 and the following years as well!

With our Club20 tools, you can easily make 10,000 dollars in sales every month in your country. But also 10,000 dollars in a weekend in Paris, London or Berlin. And that, several times a year.

And if you are already at 10,000 dollars per month, within a year you will be at 100,000 dollars per month!

The massive use of the internet in the world of wine, champagne and premium spirits is recent. As always with new products, the first to arrive are the best served! Make an appointment, there is already a waiting list!

2023, it’s tomorrow, it’s now… hurry up!