The current weather, with its drought and risk of devastating storms, is not reassuring, that’s true. Things will eventually stabilize, even if we risk having some difficult episodes.  The harvest could also be tricky, jeopardizing an entire year’s work. Faced with your concerns, what can you do to remain optimistic for the future and find solutions to guarantee the future of your winery – in short, guarantee better weather for the future?

A watchword: don’t be alone

It’s in the most difficult vintages that we see the best. But you don’t always have to be the best!

You also need to have less good years to get back on track and find excellent ones.

In the meantime, when the going gets tough, there’s nothing worse than being left alone with your doubts and anxieties.

With our group, we support each other and exchange ideas about solutions we might find.

We can unburden ourselves of our emotions, because in the world of wine, it’s not always easy to talk.

Setting the intention and taking action

If you already follow me, you’ll know that I always say that standing still is the worst thing for a winemaker.

Getting discouraged and leaving your estate in the hands of the weather is very bad for the future of your vineyard.

Straighten your head, take a breath and set your sights on the future: you may be in for a pleasant surprise, in terms of weather or vintage.

Look to the future and prepare for it

When times are so hard, it’s essential to stop panicking and not get discouraged. It’s time to think about the future and the alternatives!

Many solutions exist. Are they right for you? Which would suit you best?

Organic wine, for example? Organic is all the rage, but is it a sustainable option? How do you go about it?

Then there’s inflation: how do you manage it, in relation to your stocks? How can you raise prices in a way that is digestible for your partners?

In the event of poor harvests, how do you keep your customers, especially your most loyal ones? How to manage sales?

These are just some of the topics we discuss in my sales clubs, and I can help you deal with them.

Getting together to face up to our fears

At a time when most of winemakers lack of visibility of the future, the time has come to get together.

I draw up for you analyses to prepare for a bright future.

Join my group of talented winemakers today!