All winegrowers are familiar with cash flow problems. And it’s not new! Long before the Covid crisis, we were all scratching our heads wondering how we were going to get through it. Of course, the lock-down and its consequences have accentuated these worries. Many governments have dealt with it with inconsistent measures. It’s time for the wine, champagne and spirits industry to get its act together. But then, how to see more clearly and replenish your cash flow when you have a wine estate? Follow me in this step-by-step guide to find the way!

When the cash flow of the winery is at its lowest

Your cash flow is not at its best, to say the least.

There are several reasons for this: orders are becoming rarer. They take longer to be confirmed. Really long. And you’re waiting. And you keep waiting.

Even before Covid, you were very patient. Since then, you need nerves of steel.

Bulk withdrawals have never taken so long to materialize. Not to mention paying for them!

This wait is becoming unbearable.

Every day brings us its share of bad news via the media. The international situation, the Covid, the economy, the war, the climate that is going out of control: it’s just an accumulation of disasters!

It’s depressing and anxiety-provoking, isn’t it?

This despairing information coming from the outside adds up to your own worries when you look at your cash drawer.

How would you like your personal condition to improve with all these calamities falling across the globe?

You keep it to yourself, you obviously don’t discuss it with your prospects or clients for fear of scaring them away.

You and your colleagues don’t exchange a word about it. Often, you don’t dare to talk about it to your loved ones to protect them.

Therefore, you stay alone with this and as it remains deep inside you, it becomes toxic.

But now, you have to get out of all this and improve your future, because yes, it is possible to make it better.

Pink Wine

How can you prepare for the post-Covid future?

By taking action, you can make a difference. There is a bright future for you and your estate behind the clouds.

How can you make it happen?

I simply suggest 3 actions.

  1. Analyze the situation. You will realize that these cash flow problems are not new. You’ve probably been dealing with them for a long time. And it’s a vicious circle. It’s up to you to break it. It’s a structural matter. You need to find out where it’s stuck and fix it. In reality, these financial troubles are created by your addiction. You are tied to your intermediaries and their distribution system. They themselves have become overwhelmed. They have run into serious difficulties and are in danger. All this is simply a problem with the way you sell your bottles!
  2. Change the way you sell. Since the way you sell your wines is at fault, change it! Solutions are available to you: animate your sales from a distance, address consumers directly, sell your cases through shorter circuits, find direct links, i.e. without intermediaries or resellers, do without journalists… and no longer be influenced by your appellation. All this becomes accessible with the new wine economy.
    Your cash flow will quickly find a balance with these methods. Abundance is yours! You just have to rethink your way of doing things and realize all the advantages that autonomy in sales can bring you.
    This is really the way out, to leave your problems behind. It is a change that is crucial for the future of your vineyard.
  3. Get help. Alone, it’s very complicated. But together, we’ll get there quickly. With iD ViN, we know what to do and where to act. We’ll start by collecting all the orders on standby. And see where all the payments that have been waiting for months are. Do you have any idea of how much money is involved? What amounts have not been paid and do not appear on your bank statement? In total, how many euros or dollars are in your clients’ bank accounts instead of yours?

Do you want this to change? Then go on the attack!

What action should you take to replenish the winery’s cash flow?

As we have just seen, the first step is to take stock of your orders. Where do you stand?

What bottle orders are pending? These are the ones you need to push first. How do you get them activated quickly?

I’m going to share with you a very effective tool to get your intermediaries to confirm their orders. This will start a virtuous circle. You know how it works: good things attract others, and money goes to money.

You’ll have the right arguments to make short sales, without lowering your prices!

If you are really fed up with your cash flow problems and want to get rid of them, make an appointment with me!

Don’t wait any longer, those who don’t accept the change of method are condemning themselves, simply by their inaction!

If you have a winegrower friend in the same situation as you, share this information with him.

I understand you, because I too have been up against the wall in my estate. I found myself alone with a baby and a little boy and I was forced to react. And fortunately, I discovered these tools.

I took out a loan so I could train, and 4 years later, my life and my family’s life were transformed. Money is important.

But it brought me much more than that: serenity, freedom and the joy of progress, all of which come with financial prosperity.

My offer to move forward together

So today I can share what I know with you. I’m happy to do so, and we will progress hand in hand!
Here is what I propose to you:

  • Take action and register by clicking here. You will be able to answer a quick questionnaire to explain your position to me. You will have access to my calendar and we will make an appointment. Do it quickly, because given the current situation, I am very much in demand.
  • We will deploy effective approaches together:
    1. Revitalize the offer. With arguments and the right energy to get your orders and money into your bank account. You’ll know what to say when someone says, as they often do: “It’s too expensive” or “I’ll think about it”…
    2. Discover and convince new importers or resellers. Without participating in trade shows and without travelling. Above all, I will guide you so that they place an order quickly, because they too will find it interesting in the current period. You are not the only one who needs cash flow…
    3. Sell your wine directly to the consumer. This is where you will make the best margins! You will be paid before delivery. This is great for your cash flow! Of course, we will adapt to your choices. If you already have loyal resellers, we’ll keep them and help them sell more.
  • You have to go step by step, we can’t handle everything at once. We will look at your priorities!


That’s it! Are you ready or willing to follow me?

Or do you choose to keep waiting? Do you realize that slow decision-making is the biggest killer of wine, champagne and spirits companies?

Passivity is what, in the long run, ends up costing millions in lost property capital. And with the increase in the price of fields, this phenomenon will become more pronounced.
It is in the interest of winegrowers to get ahead of the game in order to be able to expand their vineyards at an affordable price!

In the current situation, it is normal to feel some anxiety. You are probably working hard and putting a lot of energy into selling just a few bottles. This is completely understandable. But you can easily find solutions to reduce stress and sleep better! You now know the secret to a stable and abundant cash flow. You know that in spite of everything, it is possible to get out of it and create a future where you want to be! And above all, sign up for a “strategy” session with iD ViN, it’s THE solution for your turnover to grow as it should!