Everyone dreams about it: increase your customer base, quickly and effortlessly. But why? The answer is obvious, we all want to sell more and better! But in these complicated times, how do you do it? One thing is certain: you have the ability to understand and adapt to the context. It’s even a necessity. You can deploy the resources you have within you to improve your situation. Follow me, I will detail here the techniques adapted to your business to make it prosper. Here is how to find new buyers in 5 steps accessible to all thanks to my method: the new wine economy.

Why and how to increase your customer base?

The business conditions have been tensed for two years now.

Wine shows and fairs are no longer held and travelling to export markets has become very complicated.

International tourism has still not recovered, and wine tourism is risky. No one wants to wonder whether or not he is the cause of a cluster because of a glass not properly disinfected between two customers.

Under these conditions, it is impossible to increase your customer base…

On the contrary! The wine professionals have exhausted all possible means to reactivate the already known buyers.

Often, in panic mode.Sometimes, in a disorganized way.

Sometimes, by launching an “SOS”: dear customer, help me, with the confinement, the frost and the rest, I can’t make it…

Yes, it’s probably a caricature, but you get the idea.

And so, now, it is urgent and essential to finally find the right way of working. To find the way of doing things that works!

Use the modern tools at your disposal to meet other prospects and increase your customer file, it is possible.

All this with a lot of goodwill and positivity. And, to top it all off, you can do it in less time.

No need to spend days prospecting at trade shows far from home.

How to find new buyers in 5 steps?

The secret to all of this is automation. With the new wine economy, here are the 5 must-do steps to successfully drain new buyers:

1.      Get ready

Get yourself in shape. Yes, we all face great challenges. So will you. But be positive and remember that problems can turn into opportunities. Prepare yourself for a change in your situation. Open your mind, mobilize your spirit: soon you will experience a beneficial professional turn. Embrace this idea!

2.      Analyze and understand

You can see that presenting yourself by your name, making videos with your smartphone at arm’s length to show your work in the vineyards, is no longer enough. Even if you do this with passion, even if you produce your wine with your heart, you are not alone. So mobilize your intelligence, analyze the circumstances, and understand what you need to do to make things better.

3.      Make your decision

That’s it: you’re ready! You don’t have a choice anymore, you don’t have time. This is the time, this is the moment… So, go ahead! You will defend your wines, your champagnes, your spirits. Your vineyard, your land, your bottles. And with all this, you will also ensure the future of your family.

4.      Training

You are going to train yourself to make videos that make an impact. With a specific format, according to your target. Films that last one minute or up to eight minutes, depending on your persona, your audience: professionals or individuals. You won’t say the same thing to importers, resellers or end customers who are waiting for you in their own country.

5.      Breaking codes and barriers

You’ll learn how to broadcast your videos on a large scale. They will spread on the Web exponentially. You will have as many prospects as you need. Your customer file will be renewed. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you will obtain concrete results in one year. Your notoriety will be the same as if you had worked at it for 10 years with the classic old-fashioned sale.

A new and meaningful professional life

You are only one click away from all this. The new wine economy offers you success here.

It will transform your daily life. Your life will change, new perspectives will open up for you.

You will regain your confidence. You know positive thoughts bring positive things.

You will meet other people, make new friends. You will support them; they will be there for you.

Selling sincerely and without forcing yourself, dissolving your anxiety and finding serenity, it is possible.

Collectively, you will move towards good things by following the path of prosperity and renewal together.

The main ecological resource of your vineyard will be you!

You will be the star and your business will revolve around you.

Finally, you will have learned to produce value.

All of this will be done gently, respecting yourself and going at your own pace. Peacefully, you will master the secrets of a successful video.

Your films will be effective, and you will have created them without forcing yourself and without rushing. In short, you will do it all calmly and quietly.

One step at a time, you will realize that you have come a long way. The destination is beautiful, and you will have reached it with a lot of pleasure and little effort.

Your entire professional life will benefit from the fruits of your labor. Your personal life as well.

Augmenter son fichier client

Advancing your vineyard as a family

Is that it can be done as a family.

In my clubs, I’ve had the joy of seeing five babies born into different homes.

And when a child comes along, inevitably, you need time to care for them. And the need for more clients is there too!

So everyone participates. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters: all together, on one video, it’s beautiful.

Hand in hand, their work is highlighted.

Because of course, you’re certainly not isolated in your operation, your family is following you.

Maybe you’ve already made a video and it wasn’t up to your expectations? That’s not a problem. You just didn’t have the right elements in hand.

The key is to figure out what went wrong, and of course, what works.

The right resources are not far away, you have them within you, you just need to put them to use.

Don’t jeopardize the future of your vineyard, for you, for them: take action!

To know where you stand, you need to make a first assessment, to know your renewal potential and how you can increase your customer base. It’s easy: make an appointment! My team and I have added free audit slots. We’re now up to four a week. We want to help our community and the winemakers who follow us. It’s free and without obligation. Save the date for your analysis. It’s the first step to adapting to the future of wine! To access my premium offer and reveal your talent by creating valuable videos, click here.