Rising fuel prices, galloping inflation, persistent worries about the past confinements: the troubles are piling up for winegrowers. Moreover, for several vintages, the problem of frost has been repeated. In such a context, seeing one or several plots ruined by the cold can be extremely discouraging. But to get back on track and get out of these complicated episodes, there is a watchword: simplify and automate the sale of your wine to save time and money. At iD ViN, we will teach you how to make your wine business more profitable despite inflation, rising production costs and the vagaries of the weather.

How to sell your wine better during inflation

Frost, inflation, price increases: rest assured, in their work in the vineyard, our parents, our grandparents and our ancestors went through equivalent situations, or even worse, and all this with a great sense of resurrection.

It is in these moments that the best ideas are hidden.

It is often when you can’t take it anymore that the light finally appears.

But how do you get through it?

How to make your business profitable and make your vineyard bloom again?

With repeated climatic incidents, high production costs, rising prices and ever-increasing dry matter costs, it is true that it can be discouraging.

Not to mention the communication costs that can be frightening for a small winegrower!

Many professionals are concerned by these problems.

First golden rule: sell your wine for more money!

Look at the packaging of your bottles and make surveys. At what price are your customers willing to buy your wine?

The rule is simple. Once you have established your cost price, your offer must look like 20 euros, for example, if you want to sell it at 10 euros.

But how do you know where you really stand?

Second golden rule: don’t be alone

iD ViN offers you accessible and easy-to-use tools to help you determine the right positioning for your bottles.

We respect your identity, unlike an agency that probably doesn’t know your wine well.

You may have already spent a lot of money on your website and label design?

We’ll help you make it simpler, faster and better.

Third golden rule: be authentic

The right way is to focus on your identity, on what makes your wine unique.

We can’t avoid climatic problems, that’s part of the hazards of the vineyard. But to the extent that you go upmarket and sell at a higher price, that protects you.

With higher prices, you are propelled upwards and you will easily go through these more difficult periods, because you will have built up margins.

Today, with iD ViN, you can put the right tools in place.

When you have the right information at the right time, it will make all the difference! The first step in helping you is to know where you stand. Take stock with me by joining the winemaker circuit. Click now !

We are waiting for you and you will see that your vineyard will soon bloom again!