I, Galatea, know a lot about wine, as my family has been working in the vineyard for 200 years. And I have been studying the future since I was a child. So, my specialty is to predict what will happen in the wine industry. This allows me to help the winegrowers to sell better and to get better. For this, I have techniques that work logically. My intuition helps me, of course, but I also know that you simply have to start writing the future, visualizing it individually and collectively. And it works. At the end of 2022, how can you predict the future of the wine business? I draw lessons from the past, to better know what will happen soon for your terroir. Follow me, I’ll explain how and why it works.

Visualize individually and collectively the future of the vineyard

During the confinement all over the world, I was of course very active.

Everything is on my Youtube channel iD ViN School – click here to subscribe : the videos are under titled in English.

The titles there speak for themselves:

“How to sell your wine without ruining your health”,

“The post-coronavirus in the wine world”,

“The vaccine against the fear of coronavirus, a glass of wine?”

“Exporting your wine from your living room?”,

” Transforming your life as a winemaker, what is the New Economy?”

Who else has done this? What trade magazine has offered you articles on the future of wine?

Already, at the end of 2019, I proposed to avoid registering for Prowein and to learn how to prospect effectively without a Salon, but simply from your living room!

Everything is online, dated and signed. Time has proven that I was right, and those who listened to me are delighted.

Being a futurist in the world of wine, a mission

Being a futurist, these days is a real life mission, especially when you work with winemakers.

Let’s take stock of the situation. We are at the end of 2022, and what has changed, now that we are in the “next world”?

Everything is pushing forward.

It is crucial to move towards more truth and direct communication via the Internet when you have good premium wines to market.

Many optimizations are quickly possible for the talented winemakers who have already moved in this direction.

At the end of the harvest and vinification, it is obvious that everyone will have opened their eyes to the need to use the Internet differently to make people buy their wines, both in your own country and abroad.

It is of course essential for wineries to ensure their cash flow and the end of year sales that are approaching fast.

And how to proceed efficiently, without the need for trade shows and wine fairs, without expensive and tiring trips, without running after a medal, without being helped by Webmasters and graphic designers… and without talking to journalists?

To tell the truth, the most resourceful will be able to do without an importer, a reseller… and sell directly all over the world!

Does this sound like a dream to you, the winegrower who wants to improve the situation of your winery?

Well, it’s within your reach!

The situation in the wine world at the end of 2022: the need to act now

When everything came to a halt in 2020, we were over-solicited by panicked wine professionals. The Covid crisis hit fast and hard.

Unfortunately, we had to turn away a lot of winemakers, simply because they were too panicked.

And when a professional is in turmoil, he or she is not in a state to set the right steps to get results.

The solution to avoid making that mistake again?

Act now!

In order to ensure calm and steady sales of wine and champagne, you need to ask yourself the right questions now.

We are here to help you: contact us now, there is still time, but tomorrow you may have let the train pass.

Don’t forget what I often say: what kills most wine companies is the slow decision making process.

So many wineries are thinking about “going online”. Of course, doing it alone is not easy: you certainly don’t know how to take it!

As a result, there are a lot of winegrowers who have been waiting for weeks, months, years… and they do nothing. Time passes.

Anticipate your actions for a serene future

I simply put this in advance, to allow you to have all the tools and the strategy in hand as soon as possible, by anticipating your action today.

It is also a way to show my futurology skills (without repeating to you too much afterwards that: “I warned you”).

You who read and appreciate my messages every week, since months…

Yes, you!

Like so many others, you can ensure and deploy your sales in volume and value with these tools that I can serenely detail for you now to get your first results as early as December 2022. Of course, don’t delay, time is short, and every day is important.

For a short online demonstration, screen sharing on Skype or Zoom, make an appointment immediately on my calendar here.

It’s quick and easy.

You will see that in fifteen minutes, you will immediately understand that the change of time in progress is favorable. All this allows you to:

  • Convince importers or resellers easily. Thanks to geolocalized sales animation, you can bring them ten to one hundred (yes, one hundred!) customers per day, in physical sales or online.
  • Distribute your collars directly to the public in your country and abroad. By making them vibrate with you, just thanks to the awakening of the soul of your wine, coupled with the automation of the communication that runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With or without Covid-19. And all this with a leverage effect of conversion into sales.

Fifteen minutes to change the future of your winery

It’s all happening now. For you, your vineyard, your bottles and of course your family.

Do you understand the importance of timing?

Take 15 minutes to stop now. It can change everything for you, in the short term.

Not everyone can grasp this. Not all of us have the character to anticipate, and it’s only natural that not everyone is a visionary.

Make the choice to experience growth. Others will remain in a panic and still be sweating it out in a few weeks.

Welcome to the road to improvement!

Of course, you can’t automate your harvest, we agree.

You can’t automate the work in the vineyard or in the cellar either. You may not even want to, because it’s your core business and that’s what makes you tick.

But today it is possible to automate the prospecting and the communication!

And that changes a life when you have good wines to sell!

In our clubs, we call this: “selling your wine in streaming”. You and your nectar become the stars of the movie. Everything else runs on autopilot with interested wine lovers all over the world. As you probably know, there are more importers on the Internet than at any trade show, and there are more people around the world who enjoy generous bottles on the Web than anywhere else. It makes sense, doesn’t it? That’s the magic of this wonderful international network. It’s up to you to use it positively! This tool can bring a lot to you, the producer, to the consumer and to the defense of your values. It’s win-win-win! Welcome to the new wine economy!

Pssst: Remember, the link to make an appointment with me is here!