Do you know you can sell your wine by phone? It is a marketing technique that aims to finalize a sale. If you are a wine or champagne professional, you can’t ignore this way of doing things anymore. Yes, the health crisis has shaken up our habits. If you are waiting for a return to normal and still hope to be able to participate in ProWein or Vinexpo soon, then you could be waiting a long time. What may happen is that in a few years, through missed sales, your vineyard will have lost its value. It may be worth only a few thousand euros, or even less. Why is that? Well, in the future, who would want a vineyard that does not sell its bottles automatically? Selling wine by phone has become a standard in the business.

Do not condemn the transmission of your heritage

In our club of talented winemakers, we have been selling our wines since 2020. It is important.

You must not condemn the transmission of your culture, your know-how… You must not cut yourself off from the future of your vineyard.

If you believe in yourself, if you invest in techniques that are worthwhile, then you can create a virtuous circle for your sales.

We are here to help you get there.

Of course, it takes some work. You don’t become a good seller without effort. You have to be determined and know how to challenge yourself.

I propose a 30-minute meeting, free of charge and without obligation. We will discuss together, and we will see if selling your bottles by phone can help you.

Selling by phone, a sales technique to discover

We will analyze your situation and see how much you could gain from selling by phone. In your own country, for export, how and why… We will see if this technique is adapted to your winery.

You’ll see what the technique is and what are the internet tools that allow you to prepare the phone call.

The current situation being tense, don’t delay too much to make an appointment, the slots are quickly taken.

You will discover that one year of sales on the Internet is the equivalent of 10 years of traditional sales.

Together, we will take stock. We will look at what wine you can sell by phone and at what price. You and me will analyze your situation and will make an inventory of your contacts that have been on stand-by for too long.

We’ll be able to check how many importers or resellers you need to get out of this crisis. Now, and from the top.

Adapting to new techniques is a prerequisite

Don’t think that things will be easy. It will take work. You will have to innovate and get out of your comfort zone. You have to accept it.

You’ll learn how to do it the easy way. These are telemarketing tricks and techniques that you have to master.

You’ll be able to explain things to your customers face to face. Show them your expertise and tell them about your wine with love and passion, as you already know how to do.

I’m sure you have it all in you, don’t you?

But you have to have the right approach. Your customers and prospects, you will always treat them with respect.

We’re not talking about impersonal cold calling here. You will establish a personal and appropriate contact.

You will be in contact with potential customers who like your products and are interested in what you do.

You will have to act and move forward. How can you expect things to get better if you keep doing everything the same?

To increase your customer base, you have to be proactive!

How to sell your wine by phone: transmit your passion directly

There are so many wine professionals who go around in circles.

It seems to suit them… They indulge in bullshit.

Bullshit is the set of excuses that we find and that we tell ourselves tirelessly in order not to progress.

Most of people and the common man like to complain. But they don’t do anything to make it better.

They have the right to ignore resilience and perseverance. To each his own, right?

We, on the other hand, have chosen not to let it happen to us. It is so beautiful to believe in you!

Your wine and your vineyard has everything it takes for you to succeed.

There is a real power of transmission in the wine world.

You can find your freedom. Financial emancipation, commercial autonomy: everything will be better for you.

If all this is aligned with a deep desire for change, it is within your reach.

vendre son vin à distance

All this could be written in a book…

I recently sent this information from Bordeaux, in France. You know what a winemaker told me?

” You should write a book or give lectures!”.

In fact, the book is already written. It is available right now on my website. Click here!

The lecture? I make videos on Youtube, you can follow me to all my briefings. My videos are subtitled in English.

When I sent the same information to South Africa, they said “bravo, the wine professionals need you”.

Do you realize the international dimension of my activity? This also explains why I make a lot of videos in English or why they are subtitled, whereas I am myself a French wine professional.

All over the world, the problems of wine professionals are the same.

With our community, some are already in hyper-growth.

Others remain in hyper-panic! Choose to join us, you won’t regret it.

Train with us at selling your wine by phone. You will also be able to automatically recruit prospects. You’ll be able to make great sales. And all this, without having to travel to the export market. You know that together we go further, so join us without further delay. It’s risk-free, make an appointment! We’ll be waiting for you.