Be sincere and outgoing

You may be shy and reserved. This can be a quality in some cases, but to sell your wine, you have to come out of your shell.

It is now necessary to extrovert yourself. Of course, always remaining sincere and true to yourself.

You surely know that new technologies, which are wonderful tools, allow you to sell more.

According to an American study, extroverts who use the modern means at their disposal generate 40% more income!

Eventually, that means 40% more wealth.

So, get out of the closet!

As for me, you’ve noticed: I’m direct, simple and I like to synthesize my ideas.

I’m here to help you sell your wines massively online. And to open doors for you.

As soon as you’re ready to open up a little, to talk or laugh a little louder than you’re used to, you’ll see, things will get better.

Customers will come to you.

A wine selling website

I assume you already have a modest online business.

I also think that your website cost you a small fortune to set up, especially if you went through an agency.

Or maybe you found a “good deal” to get a discount. But, as a result, your website looks like what it cost you, i.e. at a low price, so a bit shaky…

And since then, you’ve been running it endlessly. It’s just like an accident going to happen, you get sweaty just thinking about entering your password…

The slightest update is expensive and one or two years later, you realize that this superb tool is no longer up to date.

Maybe you’re struggling to get one or two orders a week when you’re in a good period.

Or maybe you’ve gone through a platform?  But still expensive…

And then, you see that your direct competitors are also present on this same site.

Therefore, you send your best customers to this platform. It’s a pity, isn’t it?

If your customers can’t find you quickly, or if they are distracted by other offers, your competitors may well get back the sales you should have made.

In short, you’re floundering when it seems like you’ve done everything you need to do to make it work. You can’t even see where it’s going wrong.

Have I painted the picture too dark? Is your situation not that bad?

Harvesting without tools


On my side, frankly, I see a lot of winegrowers who don’t do it right.

Computers, modern technologies, the Net and them, it doesn’t mix well, and it’s a shame.

It’s as if they were going to harvest without a crate or pruning shears. They go through the rows of vines by bike.

Harvesting by bicycle is a concept, but it’s not very efficient.

They will bring back a few bunches to the cellar, that’s true. But most of it stays on the road, where the grapes will soon spoil and be unusable, not even as table grapes!

You can imagine the time wasted and the lack of productivity. What a waste!

If you can’t sell your wine massively online, it’s because, somewhere along the line, you too are doing the sales of your harvest by bicycle, even though your wine is good!

All this waste of value can cost you a lot of money in the long run. The price of your land capital could take a big hit.

As a producer of wine, champagne or premium spirits, you need an Internet sales machine.

You need to sell massively, starting today. And continue to do so tomorrow to secure the long-term future of your winery.

faire les vendages à vélo, ce n'est pas une bonne idée

The potential of wine sales on the Internet

Tell me, go and have a look at the statistics of your website.

Log in, I’m sure you’ll find your password.

And now write down the information on a piece of paper: how many visits did you have per day to your online store in the last three months?

If you had less than 100 visits per day, you’re pushing the pedal on your bike, but you’re not really making any progress.

At this level, you are not really trading online.

A “visit” to a site is not a sale.

It’s someone coming to see your online store, okay, but how many prospects click further and go so far as to pull out the credit card and order your wine?

Yet, with the Internet and its global network, you would think that there are many more wine lovers to be found than at any one event. There is an incredible potential for online wine sales.

So stop waiting for wine fairs to start up again. Stop going to export or even to private shows.

Do you know that you can make your sales explode in Madrid or Berlin, without moving from your home?

The real commercial war today is the battle of information.

Using the right IT tools to sell your wine on line and in quantity

Do you have the right tools? Are you really receiving the information that will help you get ahead? Are you getting the right tips? Do you have access to the right methods?

Or do you prefer to listen to people who talk to you with their own interests in mind?

Believe me, you can do without journalists, trade show organizers, webmasters…

You don’t need them to get ahead. You can get by without medals and online sales platforms.

Just be yourself and take some time to train. You need to use specific tools. Not the ones you’re used to.

The results will follow, you will be able to sell a pallet in a weekend, if you are determined to take charge and do things differently.

And it starts right away! You will be able to learn about the new wine economy and the massive sale of your vintages, in France and abroad. You can also make an appointment with me so that we can look together at what’s wrong with your store. Reserve a slot immediately, it’s the first step to get out a little. Then the rest will follow naturally and effortlessly, you’ll see!