You know it, you feel it: we are going through an important change. Incredible transformations that we could not have imagined three years ago. They are taking place everywhere in the world. It concerns us all and all areas are affected: health, economy, geopolitics, climate… Of course, it impacts us. You too, as a winegrower, will be affected, if you have not been for a long time. Rather than undergo this change, what if you took advantage of it? It is possible, believe me, you just have to look at it from the right angle. I’ll tell you how to transform your life as a winemaker.

A changing world

Our societies are undergoing revolutions. They are diverse, they are underway and what is certain is that they are not about to stop.

We are witnessing a change of paradigms, that is to say a change of thinking. Our models are shifting. This leads to social changes, you can see it every day.

Economic changes too, and you are certainly worried about that?

There are also political reversals and you don’t see where we are going?

My name is Galatée, and I am a wine business futurist.

If I define my job in English whereas I am French, it’s because my future is developing internationally.

To know what the future holds, I study the past. With its cycles, its breaks, its hiatuses and its reversals.

I analyze a lot of data in the present. I spend a lot of time on it, on average 4 hours a day.

Yes, it’s crazy, it surprises me too. If I spent that much time in the gym, I’d be super muscular!

But what I am training here is my ability to anticipate the future. That’s good enough and, in fact, it’s essential.

The fruit of my analyses: a new cycle is opening

Here are some elements of my studies.

I won’t go into details: I don’t want to panic anyone. My goal is to help people and to protect them. If we stick together, everything will be fine.

We have just gone through a period of false calm. In the end, the last few months may have been quiet and calm to what lies ahead.

The confinements seem to be a thing of the past. We are in a coronavirus recovery phase, so to speak.

But before long, things will be shaky. It’s already starting: war, inflation, shortages that are already here or looming. I’m not even talking about global warming, drought or storms that ruin everything.

Nothing to look forward to.

But the worst is yet to come.

Truths are beginning to emerge, about the lies of states, medical deceptions, the murder of elderly people by inadequate care. I say murder and not euthanasia, because in the case of euthanasia the person concerned gives his or her consent to leave in conscience…

In short, the governments, the constitutions, the European authorities, the big media, the WHO, the big laboratories, Mr. Bill Gates and his foundations… Even the Vatican perhaps!

All this will fall or will have to radically transform itself in a very short time.

You see, this time it’s serious. These are no longer small changes on the surface.

In the wine world, every 10 years, there were micro-shifts. That’s life, and existence is made of inconstancy, that’s normal.

But now, we are moving on.

Radical, profound and rapid reversals, which will concern a whole range of organizations. And all these changes will overlap and accumulate.

And what about you, and us, and the vineyard in all this? How will we react in the midst of the maelstrom?

Anticipate the way you sell wine

We have to go on living. The show must go on.

Your wine, your domain, your vines, your bottles will always be there, and it’s thanks to all of this that you’ll get by.

Provided you anticipate and plan ahead, of course.

In all of this, you have to anticipate change and anticipate the way you sell wine. This is the only way you can act here and now, for a better future.

The way you sell wine is already changing. We should have started yesterday.

And you, when are you going to take action?

The new way of selling wine is part of the new wine economy.

We have now entered the win-win world.

A winning strategy to sell your bottles fast and well

You don’t just sell wine, you do much more than that.

Maybe you don’t realize it, but you are in a virtuous spiral of the vineyard.

Here’s the secret to increasing your sales, starting tomorrow.

In reality, you need to sell a method to move your importer’s inventory.

Most importantly, you provide a tasting experience for your nectar, wine, spirits or champagne.

You release the soul of your wine and stream it on the net.

Imagine how much better it could be if you did this!

Turn to the sun to leave the shadow behind

Turn off your television. Turn that weird window towards the wall and don’t turn it on anymore!

Stop listening to the big news channels that play the bird of ill omen.

These media and their excesses are likely to disappear anyway.

Instead of listening to the same catastrophic news, relayed from channel to channel, give me your full attention.

The information I share with you is much more reliable, because it is centered on our reality and our present truths.

I have been offering solutions to every problem for years.

Conversely, television and the big channels of so-called information find problems as soon as the beginning of a solution is in sight. I’ll avoid subjects that make people angry. We have had enough during the covid crisis, with surgical masks and so on…

How to positively transform your life as a winemaker

Would you like to leave all this behind too? Enter a new phase that would be virtuous, that would allow you to get out of it?

With the new wine economy, everything starts with the sale.

You recover your power to sell. You regain your own power to create value.

And you stop selling your abilities to a broker, an agent, a merchant, an interprofession, a cooperative cellar or a group of producers…

I will be direct, but frank. Without sales, there is no point in harvesting.

And then, without an autonomous, simple and efficient sales system: why continue to produce?

The world has already changed, it goes on : a profound change is underway. All this is accelerating with the current crisis.

The way of selling has evolved, which also changes the way of producing, necessarily.

In 1900, wine was sold by the liter as flour was sold by the kilo.

Except, of course, some rare bottles that were highly sought after and reserved for the elite.

Today, all wines have become rare bottles!

And to sell them, you have to integrate the emotional experience of tasting them. The soul of each wine must vibrate and exhale the truth of its origin.

transformer sa vigne en temps de crise

Life in the vineyards

Not so long ago, in the old world, we were naive and trusted the salesman.

Wine fairs, Vinexpo, Prowein, Mr. Parker’s notes: these were good ways to sell your stocks.

All that is over!

Consciences are evolving. We need meaning. The empathetic relationship is at the center of everything. Every exchange must be win-win-win.

It’s the same in the world of wine.

The wine lover (who is not the same person as the label drinker) thirsts for authenticity. He expects sincerity in the winemaker’s speech.

You have probably already realized this?

Then direct your sales actions towards this quest for meaning. In the new wine economy, we find the legendary In vino veritas.

Only yesterday in France, the image of the great “châteaux” was being sold back, and bottles were being exchanged at astronomical prices…that’s a thing of the past. All over the world, today you sell a real difference of a wine compared to all the others. The customer wants to hear a story, to feel emotions when he enjoys your beverage. “What happens when I taste this wine?” This is the answer to that question that selling should bring! Join us! Come with us, you’ll soon feel the warmth of the group.  Make an appointment – right now, right here, – with me. Places are going fast; more and more winemakers are realizing the need for change. So don’t wait!