Is the covid-19 crisis over? Let’s just say we’re entering the recovery phase. One thing’s for sure, we’re living in a time of great disruption. A change in our way of thinking leading to profound economic, social and political changes. The wine industry, like other sectors, is at stake. The world of wine is undergoing a deep and radical metamorphosis. As a winegrower, you are wondering how to approach this new wine economy? Let me explain why this great upheaval can transform your life and boost your sales!

Stop the labels’ sham!

In 1900 it was common practice to sell wine by the liter, as flour was sold by the kilo. Only a few exceptional wines escaped the rule. And then in the Bordeaux region, it was mainly the image of the Grands Châteaux that was being sold and some bottles were traded at astronomical prices.

In the old world, consumers were often very naïve and trusted the sellers. They placed great value on the notes given by the eponymous critic of the Parker guide. It was easy to convince them at wine fairs.

The entire wine chain was built on the same principle. Winegrowers used to go to Vinexpo or Prowein to contact those who would sell their production. Cooperative cellars, interprofessions, merchants, all acted in the same way to satisfy what I call “label drinkers“.

Today, all that is over!

The world is changing and the current crisis is only accelerating the movement. Consciences have evolved and are going in search of meaning. No more buying and selling mechanically, without understanding or feeling anything. Consumers thirst for authentic talks, empathic relationships and win-win exchanges.

On their side, winegrowers must change their way of acting and develop their own sales system, that has to be autonomous, simple and efficient. Far from the great masquerade and lies that no longer apply today. Otherwise, what’s the point of harvesting?

Create value

Sense, authenticity, emotion… The first step is to re-appropriate the formula In vino veritas. In the soul of each wine must vibrate the truth of its origin.

Your Premium wine is rare because it is unique. It must be sold as such. To reach the consumer, it is important to put the emotional experience of tasting back at the centre of the exchange. As a talented winemaker, you offer a singularity compared to other producers. You push your audience to ask themselves some essential questions:

  • What happens when I taste this wine?
  • What sensations does it bring me?
  • How is this wine different from those I have already tasted?

This is the experience that wine lovers buy. Much more than a label.

Tasting wine

In order to bring this truth into the discussion, you have to have worked it out and defined it beforehand. This is what I call “unleash the soul of your wine“.

Copying what others have done doesn’t work. It was already a risky process in the old world, it is even more so today as authenticity is at the centre of all concerns. Cheating, to imitating other producers means interpreting their value proposition without really understanding it. It means taking the immense risk of serving a dissonant speech, of not being aligned and making mistakes. It is unforgivable.

Get back your power to sell

You now know it, you produce an exceptional wine and know how to assert your uniqueness. All that remains is to spread it.

To convince your public, you still need to be able to get in touch and communicate with as many consumers as possible. Since you know the soul of your wine better than anyone else, why would you sell it to intermediaries who don’t really care and will do nothing but extract an easy profit from it?

I keep repeating on this blog and on my YouTube channel: selling without intermediaries is a liberation!

  • You don’t know how to achieve this?

Just use the power of the modern tools that our times puts at your disposal. The Internet allows you to reach many more people than all the wine fairs and exhibitions. Forget about brokers, agents, inter-professional organizations. They will make you waste your time and energy.

  • You are not comfortable with selling?

Keep in mind that it’s not about selling an ordinary product to people who don’t need it. You’ve created real value. I’m convinced that it’s easy for you to evoke your identity and create emotion during a tasting. You’re passionate about it, aren’t you?

  • You are wondering how to deal with export?

Let me tell you that nothing could be easier than finding an importer in less than a week. It’s one of the first techniques I teach in our club of talented winemakers. The principle is always the same: a win-win exchange. You don’t sell them your wine, you explain the method to make the most of a tasting experience and sell out their stock in record time!

Release the soul of your wine and then stream it on the net. Get back your power to sell!

Take action now !

I’d like to ask you a question: how long have you been worried about low sales? It’s not from the coronavirus crisis, is it? How long have you been saying to yourself over and over again, “I need to better sell my wine”?

World of wine, economic difficulties

Look out! While you’re thinking, others have already taken action. Remember, this is a time of great change, a time to move forward. Already during the lockdown, club members have worked hard and strengthened their confidence in the future. A crucial mindset to face what lies ahead!

NOTHING comes to those who know how to wait, popular wisdom does not apply to the new wine economy.

Waiting is your worst enemy. Inaction is a killer: it destroys your results.

You still need to think about it?

Why? You’ve had enough time during the two-month hiatus due to the health crisis. Maybe you’re waiting until you can harvest twice a year, until you have the time or the budget, until someone or something makes the decision for you. If you expect perfection, nothing will ever change for you. Worse, it is likely that your situation will deteriorate again and again.

I strongly believe in the power of commitment and perseverance. In our club, we like to say, “excuses or results?” You have to choose. If your sales aren’t taking off, it’s because you’re tolerating this situation. To get new results, you have to think and act differently.

Do you finally want to make that decision that can boost your sales? Do you want to firmly step into the new wine economy and start writing the future of your vineyard?

If so, and if you are interested in my club, I would be happy to help you. You will be able to join these other winemakers who have shaken off their uncertainties and finally get out of the economic difficulties. Listen to what they say.

Whatever your decision, I would like, as always, to offer you my two little helpers:

  • A copy of my book “20 Tips to better sell your wine“, delivered to your home at no charge;
  • My magic audio for a symbolic 1 euro (normal price is 49 euros), a program designed to give you back strength and confidence.

If you want to discuss it, don’t hesitate, leave me a comment: does the current crisis impact your professional activity? What would you like to achieve between now and the end of the year to transform your life as a winemaker?