You probably think I lost my head… What is the link between Premium wines and the French Presidency? To be honest, I have been asking myself the same question since January, since a name keeps coming back, constantly, in my mind. So I let my thoughts ripen…

A matter of identity

I have been working on wine identity topic for 15 years now. And I focus on it for several hours a day. My team and I spend an infinite time synthesizing many information related to French wines, and, as a result, to France itself. In the end, without realizing it, for all these years, we have analyzed in depth all that makes our country’s identity.

This is how an expert of wine business finds herself predicting the future…

Here is a probable scenario, which came to my mind in considering the situation of France for the period to come:

  • Mr Macron leaves the presidential office;
  • France remains without government for a few months;
  • A third assembly (the People’s Assembly) is constituted;
  • A new president is elected by universal suffrage, it is Louis de Bourbon, also named Louis XX.

You may be puzzled at this stage. Yes, I know … It’s crazy and maybe I’d better give up this keyboard.

A future favorable to wine business

I should be reasonable and mute my predictions. However, everything tells me that this canvas is more than feasible … And I decided to broadcast it in order to:

  • Reassure wine professionals since these events are favorable to them;
  • Show the power of identity analysis as a prospective tool;
  • Relieve the pressure of mainstream media on too many unanswered questions.

Of course, I can be wrong.

But let’s drink wine to the dregs and share here my intimate conviction.

I think that Europe can change and gradually reduce itself to six countries. In this scheme, the Euro remains in place. The new president, elected for two terms, takes the time to restore the French agricultural tradition, naturally ecological and tasty. The school is reorganized in the right direction. Old monuments are restored.

OK, I stop there. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Before leaving, one more effort of imagination…

Imagine being guided by the soul of your wine and reading your wine estate future analyzing the identity of your production. It is possible and even simple enough. This is accessible to you. You just have to register in the club. Let’s build the future today!