In the wine sector, there are many inter-professional organizations, well-entrenched in wine-growing territories, and amongst the oldest ones. However, I hear a lot of winemakers doubt and question their real interest. If you produce a quality wine, you may have enough of these never-ending and sterile meetings and councils? Then, are these inter-branch associations really useful?

What are inter-branch associations aiming for?

The idea is to bring together the different actors of a specific sector so that they organize themselves in front of the major stakes of their area. In the wine sector, winegrowers can meet with merchants, distributors and any other player in the production and marketing chain.

Decisions are made in the common interest of each member of the inter-professional organization. The topics are varied: relations with public authorities, quality standards, environment, health and safety, research and development, promotion, marketing, knowledge of different markets, etc.

This is a great objective and, it has to be said, some inter-branch committees really do a good job!

So what’s the problem?

Wine inter-professions: why should we doubt?

As in all systems, there are very bad students. Some inter-branch committees seem to have no purpose but occupying the field. And things are not moving forward. If you are involved in such an organization, then I understand that you feel upset.

Such an inertia was certainly possible and tolerated in the past. But what happens when the Internet spreads its magic on the least of our activities? Believe me, a search engine like Google can be much more effective in premium wine sector than any inter-branch association. Whether you type “Burgundy” or “Clare Valley”, all the necessary information is made available in record time.

Your Premium wine is currently poorly referenced? Do you think that your inter-branch association can do anything for you?

Don’t be lulled! Use all modern means to make your production known to consumers. They are waiting for you!

But, you may say, Google, YouTube, all that stuff, it’s not your job. Your mission is first and foremost in the vineyards and the cellars. What you like is to cultivate a beautiful grape and offer the world an elegant bottle, containing a prestigious nectar!

How right you are!

This is the reason why I created the Talent Winegrowers Club: together, let’s free the soul of your wine and your success will spread easily on the Internet. With or without the help of your inter-branch association. So, leave this soporific meeting and make a true decision: register now, I’m waiting for you!