Producing a quality wine is your job as a talented winegrower. But when it comes to selling it at a good price, it’s a different story, isn’t it? Like many producers, you may have the feeling of breaking your back for low results and ridiculous margins. Coping with financial necessities while taking care of your vine, you spend a crazy energy and waste your time. A big mess because, despite lengthy days, you do not move forward and you get exhausted. However, there are solutions to better value your production, and the first is no doubt to sell your wine without intermediaries

You want intermediaries? Here you are!

The world of wine is a big family. Over the years, a bewildering number of intermediaries have interfered between winegrowers and consumers, whether or not enlightened amateurs. Brokers, traders, wine merchants, agents, wholesalers, resellers, importers, buyers, stores… Today, there is a compact crowd of in-betweens that prevents you from reaching the one who tastes your wine! It prevents you from passing your message and, at the same time, captures a significant part of your profit.

But the list would not be complete without mentioning the arsenal of devices and procedures put in place to purportedly make your wine know and organize its promotion. And you’re stuck in the mighty machine of appellations, competitions, medals, fairs and shows. You have to talk to inter-branch committees, the press officers, then try to position yourself in a good place in distributors’ brochures.

And when you decide to use the Internet to exit, at least partially, the traditional loop, your reflex is probably to hide again behind other providers such as graphic designers or webmasters.

I’m afraid I have to be harsh as I would like you to realize how all this unnecessary work can be harmful. You lose your time, your money and your energy. You turn away from what makes you vibrate, your vineyard and those who appreciate your expertise.

Do you really want to go on talking about business strategy without mastering anything? To wander in salons 6 months out of 12? To remain prisoner of endless constraints? Yes, that’s the right word: your wine is in prison!

Get out of prison and break free from intermediaries!

I know what you think at this point: “But I have no choice, that’s the way the market is! ”

This is a false belief. That was the market. But the modern world does not look like what used to be in the past. Some have understood and are making good progress. To free yourself and sell your wine without intermediaries, you will first have to eliminate this mental block and adopt a new way of thinking.

I work with many talented winemakers who have freed themselves from their shackles. They sell their wine online and it works. I like to say that they gambol happily on the Internet and in the markets, and multiply their direct sales! They have increased their margins significantly and are paid before shipping the wine. They attend fewer shows and only work with the importers they have chosen for valid reasons. We even think about creating a sales club through allocations …

Consumers are more and more likely to appreciate short channels and the Internet brings them closer to the producers and harvesters. Contrary to what you may fear, it is possible to remain independent and to succeed thanks to the web. That’s the whole purpose of the program I developed. The first step is to overcome fear and shake up habits. Open the door of the dungeon, get used to the light, observe what is outside, … and get started! I teach you to seize the opportunities that you’re not able to see when selling through intermediaries. I show you how to unleash the soul of your wine in order to convey its message to the greatest number.

What do you say?

What about selling your wine without intermediaries? Will you take the risk to discover something brand new and give a new momentum to your activities? Or do you prefer the assurance of staying locked in your prison? Yes, you can change things. If you decide to take action, you will be welcome to our club of talented and successful winemakers! Just join us!