2019 and previous years have been turbulent times for wine sales. It has been quite a storm for many winegrowers who are eagerly awaiting the return of the blue sky. But the lull doesn’t seem to be for this spring, does it? So how can we navigate through the current confusion and easily sell wine in 2020?

A current chaos?

For several months now, I have been repeating that the future of wine is not to be found in trade fairs and shows. Just recently, I was still advising you not to attend Wine Paris or you might find yourself caught up in social or meteorological blockages. I had the feeling that something would go wrong.

Now this Coronavirus crisis makes all events be cancelled until further notice.

I am an expert in the wine business and a futurologist. In other words, I study data from the past and our present to better anticipate the future. 2020 is a year of transition, the year of the “double twenty”, which symbolises judgement: everything that was laid down in previous times finds its judgement this year, especially if you work in the wine business.

You wonder what all this could mean in practice?

A shift of mindset

I see two main hypotheses.

Hypothesis 1

You haven’t been very innovative in recent years, you have continued your arrangements with a few friendly distributors, even though you have seen a significant drop in the wine market. You have turned a blind eye to the changes at work in your society and in the world.

It is no longer time to take it easy. Good friends are those who tell you the truths, even when they are difficult to hear.

Wine professionals are conservative persons by nature. But when they evolve, they really embrace change! And that’s what you have to do in 2020!

There’s no doubt about it, the awakening is likely to be brutal. The magnitude of the changes to be made will undoubtedly stress you. But stay with me, I’ll give you some good ideas on how to get there.

Hypothesis 2

You have already suffered a lot: hail, frost, personal problems… Journalists may have come to film your distress and ask for your testimony. In the heart of the hurricane, you’ve questioned yourself. You’ve made a clean sweep of the past, leaving behind you 2019, to better understand the change of times and the beautiful opportunities for liberation that present themselves today.

You are a new person, ready to co-create a desirable future for your Premium wine!

That’s all well and good, you’ll tell me… But you also have an urgent need to find enough cash! You need to get in touch with importers, convince them quickly and raise your prices.

You are far from being the only one in this situation, many winegrowers must act differently to get different results.

In 2020, sell your wine in streaming!

Good news, we have anticipated your need. We have prepared modern tools that allow you to sell Premium wine easily, without shows, without graphic designers and without a webmaster. This is what I call “selling your wine in streaming”.

Everything is ready in the club of talented winemakers, version 2020, which has been enriched with an export section. Here’s what you’ll find in this section:

  • How to find an importer within a week;
  • Once this challenge has been met, once you have regained confidence in your commercial capacities and the power of your offer, we move on to the next level: how to find and convince one importer per month. All this without moving from your vines and devoting only one or two hours a week to it.

The method is simple. What is important is to take action as regularly as possible.

This is the future of Premium wine and already a reality for some professionals.

The right attitude

When do you want to start?

In ten years, when this way of selling will have become as obsolete as today’s shows, with a low return on investment? Do you really want to wait that long?

Or, on the contrary, do you prefer to act now and devote your trade show budget to something else, create some free time and, above all, increase your export prices? This is a true opportunity to get free and use your identity to build a real reputation and promote your Premium wine.

What do you think about it? Will you take action? Will you decide to change your situation today, without moving from home? Join our club to sell your wine easily in 2020!

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