Dear winemakers, I’m so happy to be back at the beginning of the year. If you already follow me, you know how hard I work and how sincere I am when it comes to helping my professional community. The best tool at my disposal for this? My personal experience in the wine business. My family has been in the wine business for over 200 years, so it’s a business I know well and care about. Read this article to find out how to avoid the 2023 crash and get around the obstacles to continue selling your wines with the winemaker circuit.

A quick and simple demonstration

Here, I want to demonstrate things quickly and well. So I will be very synthetic. Here is my experience.

In 2015, my second child, Gatsby, was born. I like to share my hapiness on my Instagram account Galatée Faivre.

At this time, I suddenly found myself alone with two children, including a little baby who didn’t sleep at night, for months. It was a very difficult situation.

At the same time, my business was doing well. In spite of the paperwork and the administrative heaviness that we like so much in France.

For years, I felt that if I changed something, my business could have taken off in a spectacular way.

By finding another system, freer, my life could take another turn and be better, much better.

Suddenly, I was alone in charge of my company. I couldn’t move around; I was stuck at home with the kids.

Before that, I was always on the move, traveling to all the French wine regions, participating in international wine fairs.

You can imagine the situation. I was physically exhausted, I was 20 kilos overweight and I had no possibility to move around, I who loved traveling so much.

I was on the verge of burn-out.

What were the solutions?

I need to react. For me, my children and my business.

Finding solutions when nothing goes right for your winery

The easy way would have been to pose as a victim and complain. I think at one point I did.

My future was uncertain and I was sailing in the fog.

Besides that, I had two adorable children, one of whom was a beautiful little Gatsby who smiled tenderly at me.

And then… and then… it happened!

I don’t know by what miracle.

But the Internet, video after video, training after training, software after software, coaching after coaching, mistake after mistake, helped me get through it.

And even to do it very well!

If someone had told the tired Galatea 8 years ago that she could testify to her success and the success of her clients on the Internet, she would have opened round eyes in disbelief.

Yes, I would have looked the same as you do right now, I would have had those eyes that you have right now.

And yet, everything has changed.

Using the right tools to sell your wine

Today, I can testify that thanks to the good use of some Internet tools, I live freely abroad.

I practice my profession internationally, without the craziness and fatigue of export travel.

In addition, I enjoy more quality time for my children and a much better environment for them. We live near a beach. What could be better for children?

It is this experience and this transformation of life that I wish to share with the winemakers who deserve it!

In the meantime, my clients are also transforming.

Some of them, just a few months ago, would start all their sentences with “the problem is that…” or “Yes, but it’s expensive…”

Now, they are completely transformed by the success of their sales and the deployment of the notoriety of their wine, their Champagne, or their spirit.

In the end, watching and encouraging their progress is my true remuneration.

And to be able to tell you this without crying, without having to control and manage my emotions, is for me a great victory!

Now I share my success and I learn to receive.

The Internet is a wonderful tool that can also transform your life. You just have to use it intelligently.

Putting the Internet to work for wine professionals with the winemaker circuit

At first, you don’t hear much. In the midst of the hubbub, you start to hear a thin line of voice. It’s more of an almost inaudible intuition.

But this little voice is a golden thread stretched by the soul of your wine. And this golden thread, it is useful to hold on to it with both hands!

In any case, I am immensely grateful for the intuition that pushed me in this direction, and today in the morning I hear, “Mom, it is so great, you’re doing it!”

If I sum it up:

  • Are you running a business? It’s running a bit slowly, or more and more slowly…
  • Are you going through a big transformation since 2020?
  • Do you think you are stuck?
  • Would you like to talk about it?

I’m offering 4 of you to discuss it on Monday nights with other entrepreneurs who are interested in my internet tools. To find us and join the circuit, click here. I created this special club for this purpose. It’s an exclusive circle. It’s made for you.

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