Winegrowers often don’t realize that it is possible to sell a pallet of wine or champagne in a weekend – unless they attend a wine fair. And yet, it is possible, and without leaving the vineyard. That’s the way it is with people: we imagine what we want to create and then we make it happen. So all you have to do is to integrate into your thinking universe that it is possible. Then, you will be able to create this result, thanks to concrete actions.

Actions to take to automate the sale of bottles

The thought of being able to sell a pallet in a weekend while being at home with your family is surely very pleasant.

Isn’t it?

So how do you achieve this goal?

You are going to put in place the necessary actions to achieve this result.

To do this, you must eliminate your false beliefs, and there are many in the world of wine.

The most important thing to know: as soon as the price of your wine is adapted to the distribution channel, you will sell it!

Be the master of your wine

Distance yourself from the appellation and create your own.

Awaken the soul of your wine. Its own identity must come to light. This is how you will be totally autonomous and independent from the appellation.

The appellation will still be used, but it will no longer be the first level of information.

So you will create value.

Are you afraid you won’t make it? iD ViN is here to help you get there!

Simple and easy: create an online store with iD ViN

To sell a pallet in a weekend, iD ViN will make you create an online store.

With our exclusive tools, your store will take shape in only four hours and without the intervention of a webmaster.

We will make the settings together, create the sales pages and all that, very efficiently.

Our tools are so simple that they are almost fun to use !

I will help you create videos that will lead prospects to your sales pages.

Soon, you won’t need me and you’ll be on your own to improve your business.

You make quality videos, according to proven principles.

Then consumers will see them without you having to repeat over and over again what makes your wine unique, which is what you have to do at trade shows all day long.

Soon, other doors will open for you. With our methods, it becomes very easy to explore international markets. There is a boulevard for you, who produce a quality wine, to be able to seduce international consumers who have an educated palate. All you have to do is sell your bottles and probably a pallet in a weekend. Are you convinced? Don’t wait any longer, join the club.