2021… Do you feel a bit like Grandpa in occupied France in 1942, trying to deal with curfews and travel restrictions? Or maybe like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car? Here you are, hypnotized by the figures of the pandemic, hammered home on 24-hours news channels, inversely proportional to your sales results. You want to move forward but your body weighs tons. You can’t move, except for a few unproductive bursts of survival. What’s stopping you from taking action? Nothing but a few false beliefs that you have to get rid of. Happiness is found through progression, so follow me, we’ll blow up your blocks to sell your wine in this new world.

Belief #1: Your sales numbers are directly related to price

I’m sure that as a talented winemaker, you’ve heard these kinds of thoughts before:

“Mmm… Yes, your wine is good… Very good, even… But still, it’s too expensive!”

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

Do you really think you can’t sell your wine because it’s too expensive? Or that lowering your prices will help increase your sales?

Well, listen to me: it’s not true! Completely false!

Here is a fundamental principle of marketing: there is a market for every price level, even the highest. You just have to identify it and then address the corresponding prospects. And there’s no better way to do that than to use the Internet. The web allows for a direct link between the producer and the consumer, which helps to better sell, without commission, without having to lower prices.

Belief #2: it all depends on the appellation

Another myth is the belief that success (or flat sales) depends on the appellation.

Again, this makes no sense. The Internet will bring you more customers today than any market covered by your importer or distributor. A certain appellation is no longer sold in supermarkets? Well, that’s supermarkets’ problem, not yours. You can always sell it elsewhere!

I would even say that it is impossible not to sell a GOOD wine as long as you make the effort to go and meet the consumers. And the appellation has nothing to do with it. Examples abound, starting with the Daumas Gassac saga. A good terroir, sound advice, a little perseverance and the wine gains notoriety, even without any official appellation.

Belief #3: the current economic situation hinders your sales

If there’s one belief I’d like to debunker, it’s this one!

Come on! Do we have any production problem at all? Are we facing any collapse in consumption? Not at all!

In the wine sector, the sanitary crisis has mainly created a distribution issue. The traditional channels to market have come to a halt. No more shows, wine fairs, closed restaurants. Conclusion?

We have to innovate and find other ways to sell, which will prove to be much more profitable. By using the digital tools at your disposal, you will find yourself much less affected by circumstances, whatever they may be.

That’s what this blog and my YouTube channel are all about.

Welcome to the new wine economy!

Are you ready to do things differently? Do you want to recover that vital progression for your business? Do you want to forget those false beliefs that annihilate you more surely than any virus?

If so, I propose a free strategy session so that we can discuss your difficulties and take the first steps to get out of them. Don’t wait any longer and join the community of winemakers who are moving to boost their sales thanks to the power of the Internet.