Let’s play “spot the differences”! Here are the 7 most common mistakes made when launching a new wine. And what you should to do correct them. We all make mistakes. And it’s these mistakes that lead to success, when we learn from them!

Mistake number 1: poorly targeted communication

Always pay attention to tailoring your communication.

Above all, ask yourself if you’re in the right place. Does it really make sense to advertise your wine on a producers’ Facebook group? These are not your future customers…

Don’t waste your time and energy: adapt your communication!

Mistake number 2: not thinking about your label’s color code

In every field, colors have a meaning. The same goes for wine!

If, for example, you choose a yellow cap and label, which is dynamic, don’t forget that this color is reserved for white wines.

If you’re producing a red nectar, avoid using this color!

Mistake number 3: not giving a professional impression

Even if it’s really interesting to go far in innovation, don’t forget that you still need to give a professional impression.

Innovation is all well and good, but don’t go too far into fantasy. Always remember to frame the information you’re communicating!

Once again, having a nice label on your bottles helps to give a good impression.

Mistake number 4: not using the means at your disposal

I still see too many winemakers posting photos of their bottles with no further explanation, no text and no commentary…

These days, it’s vital to give your wine a soul.

To do this, you can easily make videos! It’s become a must !

Mistake number 5: not making an offer

The launch of a wine must necessarily be accompanied by a special operation.

This can be a launch offer… and should always be accompanied by information about the dates!

Mistake number 6: failing to meet customer expectations

When a new wine is released, customers need to know why they might buy this particular wine rather than another…

Don’t forget to communicate well to persuade your prospects!

Mistake number 7: failing to correct the first six mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes!

But the good news is that it’s thanks to them that we move forward!

We learn from our mistakes, and it’s our failures that drive us forward.

What you’re doing is great, but you’ll need to make a few adjustments to reach your goal and be totally successful.

We can work with you to find the small changes that will make all the difference. Connect to the Smart Winemakers group. Together, we’ll see how to propel the sales of your bottles of wine, spirits and champagne to new heights!