Heatwaves, heavy rains, floods: our ancestors also experienced bad weather that endangered their annual production and even their entire business. Many of us in the wine world carry the legacy of our family, built on adversity. It’s normal to be bitter at times, and even to feel a certain despair. To find a future that will keep your vineyard alive, let’s look to the past to understand how to cope after a dramatic situation. As a futurist and wine specialist, I’ve always been able to see ahead of time the ways out to a desirable future.

Starting afresh

In so many countries, things could be better if the necessary steps were taken to help wine producers.

In France, for example, a country where gastronomy is considered an art, everything is done to keep winegrowers in the lurch.

When you look at what’s happening in the country right now, you can see that self-sabotage is on the march.

And now the weather and the raging elements seem to be adding to these difficulties, all over the world.

Thunderstorms, hailstorms, flooding in the vineyards: how to recover?

So, yes, some vines have been ravaged by storms and bad weather.

The weather suffers along with the wine artisans. After the frost, comes the hail. After hail comes heatwave, followed by torrential rain…

The situation couldn’t be worse. Which just goes to show that we need to break this deadlock.

As a futurologist, I’ve been talking for a long time about the urgency of making an effort for ecology.

But up until now, many people have said, “As long as it’s not urgent, why do anything about it? Let’s leave it to others and see what happens! We’ll see in a few years if it works”…

It’s time to finally react and do what’s necessary to stop this downward spiral.

raisin-pluie-violente Storms, Hail, Floods: the Weather suffers with the Winegrowers

Thinking together to get out of it

A catastrophic climatic event is often the occasion for a fundamental rethink. When this happens, it’s essential to get help to evolve positively.

The more winegrowers do this, the more they will inspire others, and the more we will move forward together.

Together, we’ll be stronger to emerge from this disastrous situation.

Let’s take a step back together, so that we can see clearly after the storm, and catch a glimpse of the light that lies ahead.

Difficulties are challenges to transform us.

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A new era awaits you, and a brighter future for your winery.