You are a winemaker. And you are talented. You produce quality nectar. In short, you have everything to succeed. And yet, you make three major mistakes that penalize you. And you’re not the only one. So, what are the inconsistencies in the way you do things? There is a solution to find a constructive logic in your actions and we can help you implement it.

Mistake number 1: knowing you are unique and wanting to blend in

You have your own know-how, and it is irreplaceable.

Your domain and your vineyard stand out from the rest. You pay particular attention to your harvests, to the vinification and to the balance of your wines or champagnes.

The result is that your production is exceptional.

Yet you seem to follow the herd. You can’t help it, even if you know it’s leading you down the ravine!

So, stop bowing your head and be proud: your wine deserves to be known and recognized at its true value, with its specificities.

It is your nectar, and it is unique.

Mistake number 2: having big financial plans, but selling your wine at a discount

You would like to invest.

Expand your domain, perhaps, work differently or modernize your tools. Why not even create a website to sell your wines more easily?

Yes, but all this costs money and when you are in front of the banker, it’s another story.

When you take stock of your sales and your stocks are at their highest, you crack! It’s a lot to handle and the pressure is on.

You end up giving your bottles away at knock-down prices, because you tell yourself that the main thing is to sell… Goodbye profits !

Mistake number 3: wanting to get results, but putting off taking effective action

You work hard. And hard work always pays off, as we all know.

And if it doesn’t work, it’s not your fault, is it?

The frost that can burn out everything. Global warming that doesn’t help.

The health crisis with covid-19 has reshuffled the deck in world trade.

And now that we’re almost out of it, we’re back to the sound of boots in Europe and the war in the Ukraine is plunging us back into a period of uncertainty.

What if you decided to act instead of always finding excuses to back out?

You know you’ll always have a reason to say, “now is not the time”.

But deep down, you also know that there are solutions.

You just must decide to finally open up and stop being afraid of success.

There is no shame in succeeding, even in complicated times.

Woman winegrower who makes mistakes

Join us in the club of talented winemakers. Together we will find your weaknesses and how to overcome them. You’ll get your energy back. Thanks to the distance you will have taken, you will be able to settle down and use this dynamism to prioritize your actions. You will free up time thanks to a new efficiency. This will allow you to use different and effective levers. You will create value and you will finally get the results you are looking for. You have a choice: continue to swim across the ocean alone. Or you can row like people on the Raft of the Medusa, using all the free but ineffective methods. Last option: join us! On board the luxury boat, the cruise is fun, and you will have a life-changing experience.