In the near future, the sale of wine will be done by avoiding as many intermediaries as possible. As a futurologist in the wine business, my main prognosis is the end of intermediaries between the sale of your bottles and your final customers. So, how can you anticipate and cut out the middlemen today and increase your margins?

How to avoid intermediaries for the sale of wine

We all want shorter channels.

Whether you sell in your country or abroad, it’s the same!

Take a few minutes and think about the number of people involved between the moment your wine leaves your cellar and the moment your customer opens your bottle.

If you sell in your own country, there have already been many third parties, and this is of course even more the case if you sell your wine abroad.

The job in the coming months is to eliminate the unnecessary speakers and agents!

Winemakers, celebrities in the world of gastronomy

Restaurant owners will, more and more, get the bottles from you, direct and local.

And this will also be the case for all other gastronomic products processed in their establishment. Customers are now looking for quality above all else and for products that have meaning and a story.

So your bottles are going to be stars. The winemaking profession will become more and more trendy.

In the near future, being a winemaker will be a job with at least as much presence as being a movie actor.

All the communication around your nectar will be based on this star system.


Become the specialist of your wine’s identity

The well-known wine specialists and oenologists will give way to the winemakers.

As you can see, gastronomy is all the rage. Star chefs are the new stars of the world today.

This will soon be the case for the craftsmen of the vineyard as well.

An opportunity for those who already work with me, those who are about to do so, or perhaps you, if you join me.

By spreading the identity of your wine and your region, you will be able to gain notoriety all over the world.

With the tools I put at your disposal, everything is possible!

The future of the wine business: direct and local purchase!

It’s a worldwide trend: all customers prefer to buy directly from the producer!

They want to hear the story of the wine from the person who made it.

What about you, what can you do? Maybe you’re worried about losing a market or an importer dropping you?

You know it, in fact you have felt it for a long time: that you have to make better use of your production.

Selling your wine at a higher price and differentiating yourself from the competition are essential to progress.

But you don’t know where to start, you think you don’t have enough time and money for that?

Stop asking yourself questions and take action.

Nature is well done!

Thanks to the source, your land, your ancestors, the Universe or God – call it what you like – your vineyard and your superb wine have acquired a soul of their own.

Its identity and its unique vibration of success are therefore already present.

It’s up to you to awaken it!

There are many opportunities for you to sell your champagne, wine or spirits without intermediaries. Join my club, you will find a lot of information that is not published in the specialized press! I will help you to become an independent wine merchant – and a well-known personality in your field.