If you are a winegrower, you can see, as we all can, that the world is changing. Nothing is like it used to be. Neither the sales of bottles, nor even the weather! The small world of wine is on the verge of collapse. So how do you keep selling your wine, champagne or spirits? Selling more bottles and selling them better is entirely possible. To do so, it is time to adapt to the new situation. Since nothing works like it used to, let’s react! Let’s use our intelligence to get out of it. New technologies are at our disposal, let’s put them to work for our renewed prosperity. Based on my experience in the vineyard, I have developed a machine that will sell your wine for you. This solution is now within your reach to improve your bottle sales.

Putting the machine at the service of the winemaker

I have been immersed in the world of wine since my childhood. My family has been innovating in the wine industry for 200 years.

For four years now, I have been deploying an innovative toolbox.

It is a machine that allows you to sell your wine in streaming. No need for trade shows, no need for intermediaries and no more commissions!

It works in all countries; my clients are located all over the world.

Of course, these tools come with a method. Without the instructions, it is impossible to activate them.

This method is the new wine economy.

It is an innovative way of doing business where everyone wins: you, the wine professional, but also your customers. Even the wine and the vines are better off.

Do you want to continue to work with an importer or reseller? This is also possible, and it works just as well.

This method is proven. It has already proven itself for more than 50 companies, in France, in Europe and elsewhere.

Understanding what has changed in the wine industry

For some time now, you have been fully aware of what this new situation means!

You can see that:

  • Trade shows will not come back in the same way. They will be less frequent and less popular with buyers;
  • Moving to the export market is still complicated. Even if you are vaccinated, if you test positive at the airport, you risk being stuck without knowing when you will be able to return;
  • Setting up a sales team is good, but it costs you a lot of money. It represents huge expenses, it takes time… and you are not even sure of the return on investment;
  • Wine tourism is great. But it’s mainly used to give a nice brand image of your production. And it takes away from the time you have to spend with your family during the summer. Plus, it’s a seasonal activity, so it provides an irregular income;
  • You know that it’s not this summer or the next one that individuals will come to your place in great numbers to buy your bottles because they are on the wine route.

In short, you can’t do everything at once.

You can’t make a great wine or a great champagne, run your business, take care of your vines, take care of your family, spend time with your kids… all this while running around to sell a few cases of wine here and there from the back of your truck.

viticulteur-sur-tous-les-fronts-300x300 Winemaker, let the Machine Sell your Wine for You!

You know all this, don’t you? Are you fully aware of it? Are you mature enough to admit it?

If so, it is really great. You can congratulate yourself. You’re ready for the next step.

Letting abundance come to your vineyard

Finally, you’re going to harvest everything you haven’t been able to for the past few years.

What you’ve been missing is an abundance of unsolicited leads. Requests from importers from all over the world! A rapid renewal of your customer base. A sudden increase in your margins. The reputation of your wines soaring to new heights.

The icing on the cake will be the satisfaction of being recognized, every day, for your talent. For your quality work and for your excellent nectars.

Yes, you deserve all this, and you know it. You have given so much to others.

So why haven’t you gotten it until now?

It’s simply because you weren’t ready. You preferred to hold on to the past. Your situation was uncomfortable, but you knew it. It’s the same for many people. Staying in a position that makes you suffer is difficult, but it is reassuring.

Going towards the unknown, accepting to open up and change, is taking a risk.

Remove the last doubts

If you don’t believe everything you’ve just read, you’re not quite ready to improve your condition yet.

Do you have any doubts?

Maybe you think that it is impossible to achieve everything I describe, that it is not for you?

And you think that the proof is that you have no money and no time!

So, what can you do but resign yourself and wait?

But what are you waiting for, tell me?

Another government, the next rain, a better course for your name or for the wind to change direction?

Are you going to stay for a long time without making things happen?

Time flies, you know!

What is the future you dream of for your beautiful vineyard? What do you want to leave to your children and grandchildren?

I’ve been there too.

That’s why I understand you perfectly and can describe the process so precisely.

I can see that you are a little nervous, that you don’t want to change your habits.

Often, money is an irritating subject. There are people who will never admit that they are sitting on a pile of gold.

A one-euro machine that pays off

So, to unlock all this, I’ve prepared something for you. It will allow you to discover the new wine economy.

It’s a 1-euro solution. It will make you sell your wine differently.

This machine, with only one euro, will help you and show you by experience what the new wine economy is.

In just 21 days, your mindset will change. You will find your motivation and your energy.

This machine will reconcile you with the influx of money. You will learn the first trick to be more effective with your prospects on the phone.

You will learn how to sell your wine better and faster.

After this first exercise, you’ll have ten simple exercises to bring abundance into your business life.

You’ll know how to automate your appointments with importers and resellers. And you’ll find out how well this magic machine works for selling your wine on the stream.

While the machine is running almost by itself, you’ll see that I, on the other hand, after spending just one hour making a few adjustments, am coaching a client who is 10,000 kilometers away from me.

Or maybe I’m playing with my kids. Or I’m walking on the beach with my dog…

In short, I’m freeing up time for other things while the machine works for me.

So, what are you waiting for? You too, seize the opportunity! Take advantage of it! Offer yourself this different experience. Avoid all judgement and remove all the brakes! Today is the day it all starts for you. Don’t put it off until later: the train will have passed. It would be a pity to stay on the platform, stuck in a bottleneck, while a bright tomorrow is reserved for you with us. Join us in the new wine economy, where winemakers are happily moving towards success. Get in touch with me for an appointement. You have nothing to lose by trying!