The thought came to me by chance, while I was waiting on a chairlift … By chance? Not really! When we are passionate, we never stop! In short, the idea appeared to me very clearly, up there, between heaven and earth: to untie wine economy, we must first unleash its soul… You wonder what I mean?

An invisible identity

We often mention “the Angels share” when maturing a cognac or other spirits in cask. This is the fraction that evaporates during the aging stage. It is part of the process and helps to give character to the beverage.

Wine also has its share of invisible identity. Imperceptible and yet so powerful.

To be convinced of this, all you need to do is open a bottle, put your bare feet on the floor and close your eyes. Smell the wine then put it in the mouth, smell it and enjoy it. Open your hands and listen to your heart.

Baudelaire understood this well, he who devoted an entire poem to the Soul of Wine in his Fleurs du Mal

L'Âme du Vin, Charles Baudelaire

An ancestral message

As my expertise was growing, I discovered myself a shaman talent. Do not make fun: the vines speak to me, they talk to us and many hear them. But very few of us dare to share their message.

The vines distil what they have to share in each bottle, in each glass, and reading it is within the reach of anybody. We often aspire to it, without really being aware.

Some wines contribute to our well-being, they raise our level of joy and energy. Others, on the contrary, burn us and tire us. All this is not new. The message came through the ages.

A modern concept

But the world has changed and it is up to us to use this ancient strength and turn it into a saving economic tool. The idea is to renew the abundance through a spiritual openness and to show sensitivity in order to better sell your production. This is what I call unleashing the soul of wine.

Would you like to know more? I created the Talented Winegrowers Club to help wine professionals: you are welcome! By accepting to make room for the spiritual in our material universe, you will better understand what your wine conveys, its strength, its identity. And your results will be increased tenfold!

To give you a better idea, I offer you these three graphic tricks to better sell your wine.

I would be delighted to welcome you to the club, so do not hesitate too long!