You are a wine professional and the current context, with all the doubts it brings, is not easy to understand. Uncertainty about upcoming trade fairs, difficulty in finding prospects, scarcity of local and foreign customers… To help you see things clearly, we have developed a unique method that we share with the members of our wine clubs. It is essential to start by clarifying the situation to act in the right way. Never forget that if you don’t do anything, nothing happens. So, let’s act. Want to know more? Revive the soul of your wine, adapt to change, and use the right tools. Let’s see together how the new wine economy will help you live the transformation in 2022, and especially attract new customers by spending less time prospecting.

Awaken the soul of wine to get new customers

This is the essential phase. You need to define the soul of your wine, its unique and timeless source of energy.

When you have done this, you have already done the 20% of the work that will bring you 80% of the results.

With these words, you will magnetically attract all the customers you want.

This is the first exercise you need to do.

Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, sit down for a few minutes, and think.
Describe your wine in a few words.

  • What is special about it?
  • What makes it unique?
  • What makes it irresistible?

Now that you’ve done that, put yourself on “pause”. Take this time for yourself, it’s important and it’s urgent!

Let the words rest for a few minutes. Read it over.

Does what you wrote sound right? Do you think that no other wine can claim this combination of words?

Then you’ve done it.

If you can’t, contact me, I can help you.

But if you haven’t done this exercise, you won’t be able to start. Your engine won’t start in the new wine economy.

You’ll be stuck with your cart and horses, moving slowly, pulling your appellation up. Your colleagues who are less dynamic than you will benefit from your precious work that requires so much effort.

I can tell you this because I have lived it. I grew up in the Corbières, in Boutenac, in the South of France. In my family, we are true wine pioneers.

I was moving slowly, at two kilometers an hour. At one point, the frustration of this slowness made me move.

So, I took matters into my own hands and awakened the soul of my wine.

I accelerated and created the first organic Corbières, a great wine, which has been on the menu of the most prestigious hotels since 1998.

The strategic and operational implementation of the sale

Now that you have revived the soul of your wine, be proactive.

You will adopt a clear strategy. All those who work with you must understand it.

You will organize your offer.

You will choose challenges.

For example, you will decide to find a new importer and set yourself a time limit of one week to do so. Or you will set up in less than 4 hours an online store that allows you to sell your wine.

Finally, there is the operational side.

It’s simple, you switch to DIY, the Do It Yourself.

You make your own label; you write your own texts. It will only take you an hour here and there.

This way, you put your heart into it and there is more of your personality in your product.

It changes everything. Your identity is present in your brand, and it just vibrates.

A unique way to live the transformation in 2022: the new wine economy

Our way of selling is remarkable because you are now in direct contact with your customers.

You don’t need journalists to write about your wine, you don’t need a webmaster or a graphic designer for your website.

Of course, you can still talk about your wine and stay in touch with journalists.

Of course, you can still use graphic designers for specific needs or if you enjoy working with them.

You can do without importers for certain countries, like Hong Kong if you make spirits.

Even if, of course, you can keep those who are dynamic, loyal and who pay well. On a case-by-case basis, you can continue to work with importers for some countries like China or Ireland.

When you join the new wine economy, you make a commitment, like all the intelligent wine professionals who join us.

That commitment is to adapt to change.

You will work at it for an hour or two a week. You’ll follow the instructions, and that will finally put you in control of your customer base.

With our tools, we can automate the prospecting and we get as many new clients as we need.

And that’s while spending less time on it than before, with the old economy.

Targeting your customers: a key angle

We have two clubs, depending on the prospects. One for private customers, the other for business customers.

It all depends on how many bottles you have to sell.

Do you have 2,000 or 200,000 bottles or 2 million bottles to sell?

Contact me to find out which options are best for you in this new wine economy !

Now that you know what makes your wine unique, we can do a second exercise together.

Take your notebook and write down your priority choice. You can have as many new clients as you need.

So, what’s your top choice?

  • Do you want new customers in your area, real fans of your wine, who will buy it directly and at a high price, and therefore not compete with your wine shops
  • Are you looking for those same loyal customers who will be happy to buy your bottles directly in Paris, London, or Berlin?
  • Be ambitious: do you want your new customers to be in France, all over Europe and in the United States?
  • Would you like to have fans of your Cognac in Hong Kong?
  • Would you like to find a new importer in South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, or Mexico?
  • Or simply find more serious retailers in your own country?

Which three countries do you want to sell to first?

Do you only want to push your sales in a safe and targeted way to your current resellers?

Do you know that you can send your private customers to buy your wine in a specific store, and that this will facilitate high-stakes business negotiations with buyers?

Write it all down! Naming is already making it happen.

Now you have a good basis to move forward.

Free yourself from the fear of success

But maybe you fear success?

Are you afraid of having too many customers and not being able to manage the shipments?

Are you tired of having to deal with that part you consider complex?

You know, the biggest entrepreneurs don’t deliver their products themselves, they delegate that to specialized logistics companies.

It’s the same with wine.

In our Club 20, we share the tools and logistics to sell online.

Pooling allows us to have the best margins, with the help of an adapted subcontracting.

We easily reach 10 k€ of sales per month, then it climbs to 10 k€ in a weekend. Our members who reach 10 k€ in one day double or triple their turnover the following year.

There is a leverage effect thanks to the Internet and little by little, it brings them 30 k€ of direct wine sales in one day.

It puts a smile on your face and gives you confidence in the future, whether the weather is good or bad.

In our Club 20, participants are trained on more than 10 online software programs, which are easy to use.

Their effects work in synergy, like a bottling line. From the cap to the label: the process is regulated like clockwork.

Everything happens automatically once you understand how to set it up.

In our talented winegrowers club, we find a new importer within a week. After that, it’s one a month, thanks to our irresistible sales pitch and three automatic, easy-to-use online programs.

The method also works for meeting new dealers, or for getting your private customers to visit your dealers. Customers come into the store with a picture of your bottle on their phone to ask the floor manager for that wine.

You see here the power of this new wine economy.


Wine professional


The advantages of joining our winegrowers clubs

As we have just seen, the new wine economy helps professionals and smart winemakers to automate their prospecting in their own country and for export.

Thanks to it, you will get as many new customers as necessary to valorize your wine, champagne or spirits production at the best price.

In our winegrowers clubs, each year, we awaken the soul of each wine, and we position ourselves outside the appellation.

The message of each wine becomes clear. It is easy to spread exponentially thanks to the right tools, which are simple to use.

The club interfaces are online, you’ll spend just one to two hours a week on them.

You’ll get daily support, with scheduled meetings. Expert group members will support you.

In short, if you’ve decided to get ahead, take this opportunity.

Now that you know where you are and where you can go, ask yourself the right question: are you ready to act? What are your obstacles? What are you afraid of? If you have blocks, you will keep them if you stay alone. Contact us, we will help you identify them. We will see if they are justified or if your fears are only linked to a comfort zone. In short, we have work to do, but we’ll get there. The decision is yours. Remember: if you do nothing, you will get nothing. Doing nothing means staying with your current client base and waiting for the trade shows to come back. But when? Choose instead to move forward in the new wine economy. Join the desirable future of the wine world! Clarity comes in action. Make an appointment now to join one of our clubs.