How do we free the soul of wine after years of unwarranted restrictions and pressures? Just this morning, I was telling a winemaker client that at iD ViN, we are helping to free the soul of our wines after too many years of limitations and impediments from all sides. The world of wine has seen too much injustice to continue to let it happen. Let’s wake up! An alternative to all this is still possible. Let’s take the train and head together towards success!

Unfair measures to the detriment of winegrowers

Clearly, for decades, the wine world has been unfairly attacked by the public authorities and the legislation in force.

This is the case in France, and it is certainly also the case in your country.

Do you know that in France, the kingdom of wine, there is a law that puts wine and cigarettes in the same basket?

It is the Evin law. It is designed to limit the consumption of cigarettes, but also of wine!

For what reason? When all the studies abroad show that a regular – and of course, reasonable – consumption of wine is beneficial for health?

This is what we call the French paradox.

And we don’t hear about these studies in France! It’s crazy, isn’t it, in a country that should be so proud of its know-how!

Do you want other examples to illustrate this?

Aid to winegrowing always goes in the direction of uprooting and distillation.

There are so many wine unions and interprofessions in France, and this has the effect of dividing and dispersing the efforts of all.

All this could go in the direction of the defense of wine, its qualities and its small producers, but no, the markets are concentrated around the big wine merchants or the cooperatives…

Not to mention the supermarket distribution, which pulls the prices down and pays with a slingshot and unacceptable delays. Why do the sales systems in hypermarket and supermarket distribution encourage dubious retrocommissions, irregularities, unfair competition and corruptions?

In short, we are not helped! Surely this is also the case in your country?

Tell me, frankly, what are the public authorities doing in your country to make your vineyard better?

Friend winemaker, let’s wake up!

At some point, it is time to wake up, isn’t it?

Let’s not forget that France is the cradle of great wines, it is part of its deep identity.

I was born in wine country, so I know that identity is the divine part of everything.

So, we are not going to let ourselves be taken advantage of, and I invite you to follow me, you too, wherever you are.

All over the world, the wine industry has been attacked underhandedly and the wine producers have been unjustly impoverished.

You, the winegrower who gives everything to your land and your passion for wine, I want to draw your attention to one of the simple rules of life, which I have learned in pain: when an innocent person is attacked, it is because he or she is not exploiting his or her full potential!

It’s not fair, is it? But that’s the way it is.

If you don’t defend yourself, the other person in front of you will continue.

How long are you going to minimize the potential of your vineyard and your bottles?

The unjustified guilt of the winemaker

It is as if the professionals of the viticulture had let themselves be manipulated. They have been made to feel guilty these last decades, just because they were doing their job…

And as a result, it is as if they have been cut off from their primary strength and their legitimacy to create.

And yet, wine is the nobility of agriculture.

What exactly is the profession of winegrower and the art of the vine?

Viticulture is an ancient art.

It means, first, to exploit generous lands that give a beautiful grape.

It also means passing on an intergenerational know-how to a close-knit and fulfilled family.

But it also means having the pleasure of sharing food and wine pairings, of passing on the legend of your domain,

Finally, to stick to your values, your ethics and to exploit the character of your vineyard, your soils, your grape variety.

All of this is of unprecedented refinement, because the elders before you have experienced it for decades, even centuries.

In short, your vineyard means abundance for you and your family.

Do you experience all this? Do you see your daily life in this way?

But if you don’t live and feel your vineyard this way and you lack money, then it’s a sign that you need to correct something.

It’s time to look at the right way to sell your wine

And you must do it now. We can do it together. Wherever you live, I can help you with my knowledge.

How can I help you?

Here’s what we’ll do: after carefully analyzing your situation and your constraints, we’ll see how to boost your sales.

We have two priorities:

– See how you can easily find and convince new importers without going to trade shows.

– Do what is necessary to sell your wines online, in your country and for export, directly. No more middlemen, and therefore, you’ll say hello to improved margin.

Bottles that sell well, too good to be true?

Maybe you think it’s not possible? You don’t believe me?

Because that’s the problem, when you can’t even imagine that it’s possible to do well in 2022, with everything that’s happened in the last few years.

But then, how are you going to find the strength to change what needs to be changed in order to move towards a renewed abundance?

To live freely in pleasure and success?

How will you leave suffering and failure when you don’t even believe that the opposite still exists?

If you are not convinced that you can stop suffering when you decide to?

You just have to start doing the right things to free yourself. That’s what everyone who has followed me in my clubs has done.

Break free from your shackles

It is time to break your chains.

You must free yourself from the toxic global political-sanitary grip that has weighed down your wine, your shoulders, and the markets for years.

And by freeing yourself from your limiting beliefs, you will free your vineyard. In doing so, you will take the soul of your country’s wine with you!

And you will allow your country to express its timeless beauty and share it with the world.

A revolution in the world of wine that goes smoothly

Look at what happened with the Covid political and health crisis, it’s the same modus operandi.

Studies on the benefits of wine are hidden, just as studies on the usefulness of certain medicines were hidden.

They censor the communication of wine and champagne that celebrates life, just as they have prevented the opening of bars and restaurants around the world!

I leave you to react to all this, internally and externally, it is time to wake up.

What I’m saying here, there is a majority of winemakers who have been thinking it down for years without daring to express it publicly.

And the phenomenon of identity liberation is worldwide!

It is time to free the word around wine, to free our feelings, to let the soul of wine express itself!

The abuse of power is a blatant sign of weakness. To act effectively, we must take action.

A soft revolution is underway on the Internet.

Also in the world of wine! We propose new sales methods that will change the life of your business.

To discover this new way of selling: join us! Make an appointment right now (don’t wait because it’s very busy) by clicking here.

A successful winemaker, a happy and inspiring professional is the best example to follow. What could be better than to be supported by fellow winemakers all over the world? Take action in our Clubs to boost your sales and find financial abundance.

I’ll share with you a roundup of situations that you won’t find for years in professional wine magazines. Come and tell me about your business situation, nationally and internationally. We will find together how to get out of it positively, now!