Happiness is in the progression. We are made that way, we need projects. We need to move forward with what we are doing. For more than two years now, with the Covid-19 crisis, we have lived in apnea. With the lockdowns in so many countries, the circumstances made it difficult to develop. This was the case for everyone and of course, also for the wine professionals. But I have good news! All this is over for you! You are here with us. Let’s get right to the heart of the matter. We’re going to take action and make sure we co-create beautiful things, no matter what’s going on around us!

Making the most of the situation

Consider this past crisis as an accelerator for change. It will allow you to take action.

Taking action means innovating and doing things differently. That’s how we’ve survived for so many years, and this new world will force us to do it again.

Maybe you have spent the last few months prostrate, worried about the news that was playing over and over on television.

Now that one danger is receding, you can count on the media to serve you up more. There is no way out.

International crisis, war, diplomatic tensions, climate change and health problems that never end, one disease chasing another, it’s enough to make you depressed when you turn on the TV.

The world is going crazy, it seems.

So we’re going to look at things from a different angle. It will get us out of the rut and allow us to move forward, no matter what.

Stop giving credit to limiting beliefs

Yes, you too are influenced by what you see, what you read, what you hear.

This is normal. But this gives you irrational beliefs, which are the result of all the information that is rushing around and doing everything to get into your head!

These false beliefs are sneaky. They lurk deep inside you, and they block you.

They are like a parallel reality, so true do they seem to you.

As a result, you don’t move forward anymore, it’s like a bubble that surrounds you. You curl up on yourself.

But since happiness is in the progression, these limiting beliefs make you unhappy by preventing you from maturing and prospering.

So take control of your destiny. It’s the only way out. Accept to examine those elements that you are convinced are the Truth, but that paralyze you.

The three false beliefs that block you

1. The first false belief is that you sell your wine because of its price. Or that your sales are bad because your wine is too expensive.

This is false, I repeat: it is totally false.

We all have a different relationship with money, and you can’t know how much your customers are willing to pay for a good bottle. Why not?

Simply because this figure varies enormously from one person to another! It’s a subjective thing, you can’t control it.

2. The second misconception is that you sell your wine because of an appellation. Or that you don’t sell it because of an appellation.

Again, this is not true! Nowadays, there are more customers on the Internet, ready to buy your bottles, than in any market that an importer or distributor will give you access to.

If this or that appellation sells better in this or that supermarket, then that is the supermarket’s problem, not yours.
You can sell your bottles elsewhere. A good wine will sell if you make the effort to meet its consumers.

3. The third false belief is that your wine doesn’t sell because of the economic situation.

You will have understood: this is not true! Today, we don’t have a production problem. There is no problem of consumption either.

So, what is the problem? It’s the distribution of your wine, your champagne or your spirits.

So, if you change your distribution channel, you will be much less impacted by the circumstances of the global market. You might even be able to take advantage of the situation.

Irrational beliefs that influence us despite ourselves

You may be told sometimes that your wine is too expensive?

How annoying it is when someone says “hmmm, your wine is good, it’s even excellent… but it’s too expensive!”

Your customers don’t seem to notice all the effort you put in. Your charges, your taxes, the salaries that you also have to pay, your cash flow problems…

But nothing to do, it’s too late, this sentence remains in your head.

And sometimes it resurfaces, pushing you even more into this state of mind that prevents you from puffing up your chest and breathing in loudly, to show how happy you are with the work you have done.

Proud also of what you can do and of your cellar.

Perhaps you have been made stronger by what you have faced, the frost, the bad weather…

Don’t forget how generous the vineyard is with you. Think of all the time spent in the rows, tending the grapes, watching over them like a growing child.
Show us the origin of your wine.

All of this certainly deserves better than a “it’s good, but… it’s too expensive?”.

Illusion du vin

Don’t let unrealistic beliefs influence your future. Don’t let anyone tell you things that drag you down. You are better than that…

Make an appointment with me, we’ll talk. You’ll see, collectively, we’ll evolve. Together, our beautiful community is making great strides. Staying there without progressing is very bad for your health. You risk dying out slowly, but faster than you think. To help you see things more clearly and get rid of these limiting beliefs, you probably need help. In my clubs, we offer coaching, join us. Make an appointment, the group effect is beneficial, you’ll see! With repeated action and the right tools, your future can change. From tomorrow, and for a long time.