Wine business has changed, I keep saying it. In my opinion, there are three complementary elements that are key to produce a premium wine, sell it and achieve a comfortable life: truth, freedom and the soul of the wine. In other words, you must be authentic, break free from old constraints and clearly define the identity of your production. In this spirit, I give you today two secrets to better sell your wine and develop your business.

Damned fees and charges!

“Making good wine” is expensive… I do not teach you anything. Equipment, manpower, operating costs… There are so many charges and some are essential to ensure the quality of your production. Well… In this case, here is my first advice: eliminate all those that are not essential. Streamline your investments and kill unnecessary expenses, starting with costs linked to attending professional fairs and money disappearing in press relations.

You do not need this to grow the vine and get a premium wine.

Of course, you will have to learn how to negotiate it without intermediaries and I encourage you to get skilled selling directly so that you’re able to free yourself permanently from the influence of more or less useful service providers. You will then get more value from your transactions and generate more interesting margins. In short, you will have learned to better sell your wine.

Family puzzle

But purely economic considerations are usually not the only ones to restrain you and to slow down your success. Many vine growers work with their families, and if this is your case, you know how complicated it can become. Everyone must find their place in the business and thrive.

To manage this, here is my second secret: release the soul of your wine. Clearly define the message and the values ​​it carries. It is this deep identity that will unite your family in work. It will ensure that everyone recognizes their mission based on their talent, expertise and aspirations. I recommend that you create job descriptions for greater clarity. You will then form a real alliance, terribly effective.

This is not an easy way to go forward. You can try and sort it out alone. It may take a few years. That’s why I propose a shortcut: you can join a team today and be accompanied to achieve your goals faster. It is for this purpose that I created the club of talented winemakers.

What if you took action right now? Join us!