Early 2020: in less than 3 months, the coronavirus has spread over the world and forced humanity to hide behind its windows. It is rare that we are confronted with such a violent anxiety in such a brutal and universal way. Rarely have we faced so much uncertainty about the future. Like many, you are no doubt afraid of covid-19. So am i. But my stress doesn’t last more than five minutes. For weeks, I’ve been following the evolution of the pandemic and its aftermath. And my anxiety is quickly supplanted by a certain astonishment, the frantic need to seek out information, the need to put in place an effective action plan. In this article, I tell you how you too, can be vaccinated against the fear of covid-19.

The deleterious effects of uncontrolled fear

Yesterday I was at the supermarket, observing the phenomena linked to the epidemic and people lockdown: maintaining a minimum distance between shopping carts, gloves, masks that customers were wearing… But more than its outward signs, it was the energy linked to the anguish that struck me. The atmosphere of fear was palpable. Disturbing.

I may shock you, but deep down, I finally found it “funny”.

I was scared for five minutes, but that initial fright wasn’t related to the virus. It was due to the fear emanating from the other people around me. I was afraid of being impacted by the negative atmosphere and the high level of anxiety. Because anxiety paralyses and paralysis means death. Life, on the other hand, feeds on movement and action.

In this supermarket, as it has been since the beginning of the health crisis, my “anti-fear” vaccine perfectly played its role: I used my sense of observation and humour. Did you notice how your brain is incapable of being afraid and laughing at the same time? Of course, I remained discreet, I only laughed inside and smiled at the people I passed, over the cloth, with my eyes. That’s the most beautiful smile. It even reassured a worried young girl who was waiting, alone, at the entrance of the store.

Smiling is a life-saver. It makes our protective masks fun…

I then felt gratitude. I congratulated myself on how far I’ve come. Because, to tell you the truth, in the past, I too have succumbed to panic…

Learning to overcome one’s fears

Yes, I know how this feeling of terror can block you or make you act in a senseless way in front of a danger that threatens your life or your soul. I know the astonishment that prevents you from thinking properly. I experienced it very early on when I was a child. I learned to overcome this paralyzing fear and, in order to find the “vaccine”, I had to face it again and again, many times in my life.

It all started in primary school… It was a simple school, without any canteen. The children who lived too far away to go home at noon had a huge park where they would gather to wait for the next courses. There were about ten of us playing in this space. But the headmistress’ son, who obviously had a behavioural problem, took a malicious pleasure in terrorizing us. He used to have fun chasing us, waving a bramble with sharp thorns and using it as a whip and threatening us. He would deny us access to the park and prevent us from enjoying the greenery, flowers and tall trees.

Everybody was afraid, me first.

And then one day, I got sick of it. It only took a split second to reverse the situation. A simple change of mindset. I watched the bramble that the monster wielded at its widest extremity, where the most impressive thorns were.

Such sharp points, I can still see them… all so close to his hand…

Without further thought, I grabbed the bramble at the other end and pulled it firmly towards me. The thorns stuck in the fingers of our attacker. The boy was in a lot of pain and never did it again. That was the end of his attacks. I had just defeated him.

So yes, it sounds crazy, but I am vaccinated against the coronavirus

Galatée iD Vin

Vaccinating oneself against the fear of covid-19

I mention covid-19 because it is a striking example of the consequences of paralyzing fear. A fear that creates loopholes, weakens your immune system, prevents you from taking action and moving in the right direction.

So I would like this article to help you find the answer.

The key point is to realize how much fear is perverse. It uses the mask of good to spread evil. It encourages you to stop smiling under the guise of protecting yourself and others. Examples and inconsistencies are legion in these troubled times.

Rather than running away mentally, observe the situation objectively. Face your fear for five short minutes. Grasp it with both hands, even if it hurts. Welcome it, accept it. Then take a sharp blow by taking a decisive action!

This is all the more essential as the anxiety is diffuse, caused by something invisible, a virus, a perversion. If you manage to release yourself, you regain your thinking skills, boost your immune system and make the right decisions. It becomes impossible to manipulate you. Here’s a simple way to defeat a pattern of manipulation:

  1. First observe without reacting;
  2. Understand how it works;
  3. Then act surprisingly, in the opposite way to what is expected;
  4. You’ve been vaccinated! You’re supposed to be terrified, yet you’re happy! You’re supposed to do nothing but you’re more active than ever!

Sounds good but what about wine?

In this period of lockdown, all our habits are turned upside down. This is why it’s the best time to shake up your routine and learn to work differently!

You’re a winegrower and you’re worried about your sales? Like everyone else, you’re confined and wondering what the future will look like? You fear covid-19 and its consequences?

Oh, come on, now. Accept your anguish, grab it by its least frightening end, pull it out and you’ll be released… and vaccinated!

Are you ready to take effective action to better sell your wine? For example, how about using the Internet to prospect in France and abroad?

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Yes, it’s true, joining the club is an investment. But would you take it seriously if everything was for free? Do you really read the books that somebody offered you? In any case, I’d like to reassure you that there is a “money back guarantee” on your membership.

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Thank God we always have good wine in the cellar!