The situation of the craftsmen in general and the winemakers in particular is not brilliant. Today I’m here to talk to you about your current condition and what we can do to improve it in the near future. I am known for being ahead of my time: in fact, I am a futurist! If you have been following me for a long time, you know that my family has been in the wine business for over 200 years. Since I have a general idea of what’s going to happen in the future, I can help you get better. We have to start by sticking together!

Talented winemakers on the front lines

Let’s face it: we, the talented winemakers, who love our grapes and take care of our domain, are a little hungover.

For the past few years, all craftsmen and small entrepreneurs have been under general attack.

The famous episode of the “coco loco” epidemic and all the exaggerations that followed, intended to generate fear and manipulate the mass by panic, is a proof of it.

But for the wine craftsmen, it started much earlier!

The laws against wine hurt us and has continued to do so for years, we have been demonized.

Not to mention all the lies we are told about global warming.

So how can we get out of all this?

The key to success: cohesion and organization

Yes, it’s true, we, the wine artisans, are already organized.

I’m not talking about unions or interprofessions, which we shouldn’t count on too much, no. We coordinate ourselves, and that’s what works.

I have sales clubs and a community that follows me! You can see it on my Youtube channel: subscribe now!

It’s between us that we need to stick together.

There are a lot of tricks to improve the operator situation quickly and well. If you follow me, you will get the right information at the right time.

For example, I have already advised you – and I think you have done so – to have generators to avoid power cuts.

Do you know that you could save money with these devices?

How to save money with what you already have

I’m assuming you’re mechanically savvy – that’s a must when you’re working the vineyard.

If your generator runs on a gasoline engine, you could easily have it adapted, with a special box, to run on bioethanol.

Bioethanol is a biofuel of the future, made in large part from plants. And it has the significant advantage of being much cheaper than gasoline!

With this trick, you can get electricity much cheaper than the grid!

Without talking to you about survivalism or total autonomy, in the past, we were already using techniques of the future.

I have known vineyards with a common vegetable garden, a spring (of course, we controlled the quality of the water) and a bread oven that we shared.

So why not adopt these common sense techniques again?

The winegrower of the future: an artisan in a strong community

The future of winegrowing is this.

Bioethanol, the creation of communities, the audience on the Net…

We could even set up partnerships with private investors. Instead of working with banks and paying interest at rates we don’t control, we would pay in cases of wine.

This is a perfectly secure way of doing business and is adapted to our activity!

We could also imagine seriously developing direct sales.

The winemakers could finally select the best resellers and exporters. The wine professionals with whom we want to work, because they share our values and accept to make moral contracts with us.

We can also think about non-competition, because it is true that in the past, everything has not always been fair in the wine world.

Everyone can draw up their own action plan for the future of wine.

When we know all this, we can anticipate and it is easier to anticipate with other artisans.

Partnerships between winemakers and other craftsmen like the master baker

I’ve been working on partnerships for a long time…

Why, when you are a winemaker, don’t you join forces with a restaurant owner?

Or why not offer your help to the baker… especially if you have a generator that runs on bioethanol!

All this is the future and we need to talk about it more! Would you also like to be ahead of your time and find new ways of doing things? Then join us! I’m putting the link to the Smart Winemakers Tour here. You will find support and benefits that are absolutely incredible. With us, you’ll quickly be 5 or 10 years ahead of your competition. This is the best thing you can do for your future and the future of your vineyard. Never forget that the first resource of your wine is you!