In the world of wine, there is a lot of pretense. As a result, some people don’t approach the marketing of bottles from the right angle. Here, we are among ourselves. We can talk to each other frankly, without a tongue in cheek. It is obvious that some people have an interest in managing things in a chaotic way. It is the same in many professions and the wine industry is also concerned. However, the solution to progress and perpetuate your business is as easy as pie! How to boost sales? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself what makes them buy your delicious nectar. Quite simply: why do people buy wine? With the answer to this fundamental question, you hold the key to safeguarding your authenticity.

Why do people buy wine?

• Do your customers buy your wine for its price?

No, of course not.

It doesn’t matter whether your wine is expensive or cheap.

Unless, of course, it is positioned as a private label wine or in a similar category, where price is an argument.

• Are your prospects interested in your appellation?

Here again, this element does not cause the sale.

The proof is that some prestigious appellations can have very poor sales. Conversely, an unknown appellation can suddenly see its figures soar.

As far as wine is concerned, it’s like everything else: there are trends.

Bordeaux is unstoppable, but isn’t that snobbery? The trend will pass and the snob will choose another appellation.

• Do your customers buy your wine for its label?

The packaging is obviously important, you should of course have a nice label.

But again, the label does not make the wine and prospects, even if they can be attracted by a nice design, will not stop at that.

Classic or modern label, well designed or not so well designed, everything still sells.

In the end, price, appellation and label play a role, but are not the primary reason for buying wine!

So, what is the secret? What is the key to sales? Why are buyers willing to put so much money into a bottle of Romanée-Conti? Do you have any idea?

The basis of wine sales: pleasure

Of course, this is the fundamental reason for buying wine. It is for pleasure!

To enjoy the taste of the nectar and to let go.

To have the pleasure of sharing good things with friends or family.

To savor the charm of being anchored to nature and to the story told by your wine.

Taste the satisfaction of being an adult.

A good wine can be enjoyed with friends, as a couple or alone…

Is it really that simple?

Yes, it is “just” that. But pleasure, in our society, is still taboo.

So, we don’t talk about it.

After these months of deprivation, without concerts, without restaurants, without going out… do we still have the right to feel pleasure?

The return of hedonism

Well, yes, what we all want now is to regain our freedom and enjoy life!

Hedonism, epicureanism: the great philosophical currents of Antiquity are more relevant than ever.

After these long months of crisis, customers have only one thing to look forward to: finally getting out of it, and getting out of it freely at last!

To be able to enjoy the beautiful days on the terrace, to meet around a good glass of rosé or white wine.

To appreciate the delicacy of a terroir, the charm of a wine around a generous meal. Reclaiming the simple and accessible pleasures of life.

Wine lovers love advice and love to learn. The proof: oenology training courses are on the rise.

Whether it’s an evening or weekend course, epicureans are eager to learn the secrets of making this divine beverage.

Why not think about this opportunity and include this additional possibility during wine tourism stays?

Concretely, how can you take advantage of this new wave that is sweeping the world?

How can you take advantage of this trend towards the return of pleasure in your business and bring it to new heights?

Let’s finally break free!

You are a smart wine professional, and you know the need to get involved and accept new things.

Your eyes and your heart are open to change. So, suggest to your friends who are like you to come with us.

You too can join us. We are a group of inspired winemakers. Our structures are authentic and real, on a human scale.

We can be found in every country in the world, and we talk to each other.

Once a week, we share our feelings on the economic situation and the evolution of the markets.

We exchange and advise on digital solutions to deploy our land. It is here that the pleasure of wine is acclaimed!

It’s free and without obligation, you can join us without fear.

If you feel isolated, you’ll find support.

But don’t forget that it is essential that you are aware of the changes taking place.

You know that innovation is inevitable. Your parents and grandparents went down this road before you and that’s why you’re still here.

Securing the future of your vineyard requires an open mind.

The wine culture has a great future, but for that, it needs major players who make things happen.


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