Technological developments, climatic variations, societal disruptions, political upheaval, the world is changing fast and gives rise to many questions. It is legitimate to wonder when you manage a vineyard and work hard to sell your wine. What is 2020 going to be? What future for wine professionals: follow me, I tell you all…

A positive change

In the current trends, many vineyards will have passed a milestone by 2020.

A decisive milestone.

I’m talking about a refocus on wine itself and on the core business of wine production, like a rebirth. This metamorphosis will go together with a kind of appeasement perceptible on many levels, starting with the weather. I am convinced by the return of marked seasons, in France as in other countries. You can expect a real winter.

The latest social events in Europe and North Africa will have a rather surprising consequence: they will create a new solidarity within teams and vineyards. As a sort of response to external chaos, inner harmony will be preserved and encouraged. It will be precious.

This is the perfect time to prepare and proudly share the message of your wine. Deploy your banner, first internally and then outward, using the innovative and amazing possibilities offered by the Internet.

Internet and the future of wine

I have already shared it many times, the Internet offers incredible opportunities to sell your wine with confidence.

In a few clicks, you can become famous and sell your production online, in France and abroad. And this, in just a few months.

No need to run and be everywhere at once. You will be able to sell for export, even on the other side of the world without having to travel so often. You can reduce your attendance to trade shows. Moreover, some of them will happen to disappear or reform themselves entirely.

Many talented winegrowers will start to innovate and the change begins today, in 2019! You are in a good position to know the virtues of patience and that how important it is to sow the seed at the right time.

On my side, I work on ecological mini-formats and ID Wine know-how is well recognized on what is called the brand concept.

Want to move ahead right now? I offer you my 3 graphic tricks to sell wine.

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