In this article, we are going to tackle a taboo subject. It is money! And more precisely, money in the wine world. We are here between professionals, right? We are a small and intelligent international community. So we can talk to each other frankly, with an open heart. Producers of premium wine, quality champagne and exceptional spirits who work in BtoB in a smart way. Being a winemaker is a dream job. Working in the vineyard is noble! It’s distinguished, but it doesn’t make money! Really? The vineyard would not be profitable? That’s what we will see!

Money doesn’t make you happy, but…

In the past, wine producers prospered. Nowadays, there are those who make it, and there are the others.

It’s true that “money can’t buy happiness”, as the famous saying goes.

“Whoever said that is a damn liar”, says the common sense of the people.

We realize that while money does not guarantee love or health, it does contribute greatly to our security and well-being, both physical and mental.

Let’s face it, it’s better to be wealthy than to live from hand to mouth!

All winemakers know that making a fine wine that can be passed on to your grandchildren is very expensive. You might as well be friends with money and not be afraid of it.

And you, what is your relationship with money?

It seems that the trend is to return to nature. That’s good!

But unfortunately, some neo-winemakers or even the new generation of winemakers seem to accompany this “return to the real thing” with a feeling of rejection of money. They are, in some cases, angry with capital.

They tend towards degrowth and sometimes go so far as to fall into survivalism! What a pity!

Better interpreting nature’s messages

Having money is not unnatural!

Our era gives a wrong interpretation of these messages.

The vine is a creeper. A vine that grows from the earth to the sky! It knows an exponential deployment.

Nature seeks to expand and grow. The basic rule in the jungle is to multiply and grow as much as possible.

And this, by all possible means while remaining in the absolute respect of the other species, the plants, the ground and the living beings.

Everything is in place so that wine professionals can also live their profession in exponential and international abundance.

Obviously, always in an ethical way and respectful of others.

Money is not a goal, but a means. And when you have resources, you can do beautiful things.

Stop wearing blinders

Who is the only one who doesn’t realize this? It’s the winemaker himself!

Why is he stubbornly refusing to see the obvious?

Because he endured a lot of things these last years, even these last decades. And because the frost made him suffer terribly, it is a subject to him alone!

By dint of getting slaps in the face, the wine grower suffers, and he does not see clearly anymore. Wine professionals are worn out and have had to toughen up.

Sometimes they have to pick up the broken pieces, and after a while, they get used to the lack and they are satisfied with what they have. Nature has also taught us to be flexible and adaptable.

Without even realizing it, some wine producers got angry with the money. Because, as much as we say, when we don’t have cash, we are also angry against these damned bucks that don’t come.

And we enter a vicious circle that we ourselves maintain.

Change your point of view on money

Our own view of money has a great influence on the prosperity we enjoy – or not.

Cadre luxueux pour boire du vin

Let’s compare what goes on in the head of a banker and that of a winemaker.

The banker is not afraid of money, he loves it, he considers that there is no shame in having it.

On the contrary, he knows that it is indispensable and that it is what makes the economy – and the world – go round.

This may be a bit of a caricature, but it may explain what is holding up the wine professional’s sales.

  • The financial expert, faced with the health crisis, thought: “Yippee! We are going to enter a period of monetary creation”.
  • The winemaker, in the same situation, was overwhelmed by fear, stress, and tried to spend as little as possible, since he did not know what was in store for him – like the banker and the rest of the world, for that matter!
  • The banker was enthusiastic and saw the crisis as a source of opportunity.
  • The wine professional, on the other hand, was overcome by negative emotions. He was blocked, could not act to get out of this bad situation and, above all, did not place anything. It was necessary to keep some savings for the winter.

Faced with these thoughts and emotions, their respective behaviors were of course completely different:

  • The financial manager made targeted and well-considered investments beforehand. The nature of his job taught him to measure risks. He remained cautious, but in order to continue to progress, he knew he had to put his hand in the wallet.
  • The winemaker simply continued in “survival mode”. He limited his actions to the bare minimum, keeping his fingers crossed that the storm would pass quickly.

What is the outcome of this strange period for everyone?

  • The banker has turned the crisis into a great opportunity for growth.
  • The wine professional has regressed and now that the big squall is going away, he is struggling to raise his head, his situation is more than ever that of a survivor.

If you too have reacted like the wine professional rather than the investment expert, then you are angry with money!

Reconciling with wealth

What a pity you can’t reconcile yourself with finance.

There’s no shame, you know.

No, money is not dirty and bankers are not all bastards.

That shouldn’t be your only goal, we agree. But you have to admit that you will sleep better if you improve the cash flow of your domain?

In order to get your operation up and running, you have to be willing to make money.

This is a fundamental principle if you want to be helped. In order for me to help you on your way to prosperity, you have to be open and willing to change your perspective, really.

And from then on, you’ll see, everything will be fine.

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