Winemaker… today, we are going to warn you. The question is whether you are ready to hear what we have to say. If you are ready for what follows, then great. If not, that’s too bad, but either way, you won’t be able to say you didn’t know! Don’t wait until you’re on the brink to change what needs to be changed in your winery. Is the rope so worn that it will soon snap? Act immediately. Attention, sensitive souls: we are going to be very direct! The wine world is going through a real upheaval in our changing society. How to react to this in order to stay in the race and not let your winery sink?

Notice to wine professionals who want to move the lines

We are addressing here the wine, champagne and spirits professionals who really want to change things.

If you’re here by chance, or just to take a look around, you’d better move on.

Unless you’ve been following us from afar for a while now? In that case, think about coming a little closer, it’s worth it, you’ll see!

Our community is dynamic and growing internationally. That’s why you’ll find my articles and videos both in French and in English.

The real question I ask myself is – we’re on first-name terms – are you ready or willing to hear what I have to say?

One of the reasons I’m wondering is that I recently shared a case study in my private Club 20 group.

In it, I talked about a budding entrepreneur who went from 0 sales to 10 million euros (yes, you read that right), using the same software and method as those employed in Club 20.

But what distinguishes this young man from the other winemakers?

Quite simply, his state of mind, his mindset, that is to say that he has in mind a precise idea of what constitutes the identity of his wine and his company. He has a concrete mind, reinforced like a 400 hl tank.

But what about you?

How to position yourself as a true professional and finally act

Well, as someone who knows the wine world well, I am really afraid of one thing. It’s that you are not ready, the girls and boys of the vineyard!

Why not?

Mainly because you are alone.

And adapting when you’re alone is not easy. And with what is about to happen, it is even worse.

For a long time now, since 2018, I’ve been trying to prepare you for what’s coming. I’m analyzing events, predicting future developments in viticulture… and warning you.

I share valuable information on my YouTube channel. The videos are subtitled in English.

You’ll find a lot more news there than in a magazine or in interprofessional meetings.

So what?

Simply put, I say you’re not ready or prepared because you’re not taking action.

The majority of professionals are simply not doing what it takes to move forward.

And with such blinders on, they don’t even realize that they’re on the wrong path!

Today, you will no longer be able to say “I didn’t know”!

You have been warned

Here, I am writing to you in black and white what is going to happen and the reality as it is now.

I have also previously warned you about many things.

So, if I recap, you now know this basic information:

  • Wine Shows are over;
  • The general public expects only one thing: authenticity;
  • To reach your target, you need to express yourself differently;
  • The video format is what works to multiply your notoriety;
  • To automate your production, you need powerful software that fits your current needs.

In short, you have been warned: the era of the new wine economy has begun.

There are those who have joined us.

These winemakers are still happy about it, it is certainly one of the best decisions they have made for their business.

Those who have been with us since 2018 say they are really lucky. They have been on the train for several years now and they are far ahead;

Then the others follow: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022… It’s never too late to do well.

One step at a time, things are changing in their company, towards an improvement.

Despite the crisis, despite the economic climate, despite Covid-19 and the restrictions that came with it…

So, now you know. You have been warned…

When to take action to sell your bottles better?

When is the right time to take action? It’s simply when you’re ready.

And you are ready if you have the right mindset.

How do you get into that mindset that will lead to abundance?

Listen to me.

If you’re not ready for your business to improve, it’s because you’re stuck with false beliefs. But the best part is that you don’t even know it…

You are stuck in a state of immobility, you are afraid of the freeze, you are rehashing the past.

For example, you believe that you sell less wine because of the health crisis. Isn’t it true?

You see, you are not ready!

Why am I telling you this?

Because we, in our clubs, are making progress. We find importers, we sell online. We don’t have a crisis.

Acting together

Obviously, all this does not come alone. We have to act!

You can reach a simple and accessible version of the talented winemakers club right away.

All my clubs offer inspiration and help you get in shape to win. You’ll be able to reconcile yourself with money and great sales.

We will train you with the right tools.

As soon as a place is available, you will be able to automate the recruitment of importers and resellers.

Then, as a second step, you can upgrade your commitment with a discount to distribute massively online as soon as the first goal is reached.

And so it goes on and on until you get the numbers that put your business – and therefore you and yours – on a secure footing.

It’s new. It’s so innovative that some winemakers don’t understand. But these methods make a difference. It’s time to act. Join my community. In my clubs, you will find a warm welcome. Stop waiting for government help that won’t come. Don’t let the future of the vineyard be built without you. Take things in hand. Click here and now on this link to make an appointment with me. I will explain everything to you. You will see, it is the first step towards a beneficial change for you, your wine, your family and your farm!