To raise the eyes and observe the clouds; fear the first breath of a chaotic wind; shudder as the sky darkens. Human beings have always been worried about climate hazards and sudden changes in their environment. Winegrowers more than anyone, as the vine is sometimes fragile and needs so much patience. To fear bad weather, is it a fatality?

A justified fear

Growing the vine is a both exciting and difficult art. A few minutes storm is sometimes enough to annihilate the fruit of hard work and years of perseverance. I understand the issues related to severe weather. I myself felt very vulnerable to climate hazards when I was working on the family vineyard: a storm just before the harvest, a late frost, a violent hailstorm. You know what I mean.

The furies of nature terrorize winegrowers; it is an anxiety widely shared in the wine industry.

I would like to open up the debate and make you think differently. Fear is surrounding us. It is at the heart of government campaigns to “fight” against global warming. It hides in anti-alcohol programs creating confusion in the world of wine.

Let’s forget it for a few moments. Let us remain deaf to the lies conveyed by so many official messages. That’s right, it’s a contrarian thinking, but can we make local weather an ally? A friend rather than the eternal calamity?

A new vision

You search the sky to find the cause of your torment: pause and turn your gaze inward. Focus on the situation of your vineyard, the present state of your wine and its message. What if the weather was only a reflection of this reality?

I wish you agree for a while on the idea that Earth may be different from what is commonly taught. From what your grandparents and your parents have learned and passed on to you. Imagine that links back and forth between heaven and earth are permanent and multiple. That there is a way to stop suffering.

You do not understand? You’re annoyed? In the world of wine, as in many other systems, you shouldn’t talk about intimacy or spirituality in public. You should never question data as technical as those provided by weather forecast.

However, tasting a wine mobilizes our emotions. You need a certain sensitivity to grow your vine with talent. Look at it from this new angle: feeling gratitude for its terroir may be the best guarantee for favorable weather. What if the water from above connects to the water from below?

Here is an example to illustrate this unusual view: it is about the principle exposed by Professor Masaru Emoto I mention in one of my videos.

Are you ready to give it a try? What can you possibly lose? Join us in the Talented Winegrowers Club for a better harmony, every day, in your vineyard. I will show you how to make a “small cloud” disappear, literally as well as figuratively.