I often talk to you on this blog about the issues that talented winemakers face in their professional and personal lives. Probably the same as yours. In most of my posts and videos, I encourage you to visit the iD ViN School and discover the clubs created to help you evolve in the new wine economy. Today I propose a slightly different type of article : let’s meet winemakers who have already taken the plunge and changed their way of working. What do they say about my coaching after a few months? Has their life changed? In what way? Here is a compilation of their testimonies about the path we have taken together.

Identity and business strategy

One of the most common problems of the people who contact me is their business strategy. Clara, a winemaker in Champagne, wondered how to build an attractive offer based on an easy-readable range. Manon explained that the identity of her domain had been lost with the death of her father. Everything had to be rebuilt, on a new basis. Olivier was overwhelmed with ideas while wondering about the best way to market his production.

You may face this as well?

That’s why one of my first recommendations is “to release the soul of your wine”. You need to understand what makes you unique and what you want to share through each glass. Understand the values and the message your vines convey.

“It allowed me to stay real, while building my own branding. “(Gael)

From there, everything is easier. You are able to talk about your wine in a much more natural way. Everything becomes fluid. You know who to talk to, you know who will appreciate your offer and be touched by your sincerity. You will find your place in a very fluctuating market, whether in your country or abroad.

“It is the assurance of a unique marketing positioning, based on your values and history. “(Pascal)

Vigneronne dans les vignes

Tools and methodology

Another recurring problem: how to tame the digital world to finally make direct sales, via the Internet?

I keep repeating it! One of the keys is to stream sell, on the web. This allows you to do without all those intermediaries who cut into your margins and, too often, waste your time.

Okay, but… Where to start?

I understand that when you work the land and the vines all day long, the virtual world can be scary. However, there are simple and easy to master tools to reach a large audience. Starting with video. Yes, it is! Cedric admits that he wasn’t really comfortable with the idea. But by practicing regularly, a few minutes a day, he got the hang of it and quickly noticed his progress! Carole didn’t think she was capable of shooting videos. But she tested it and understood how effective the process is!

“It’s convenient to be in your vineyard and get a notification saying that you’ve sold wine thanks to a video that’s running while you’re working! “(Louis)

Getting started is one thing. Following a consistent plan is another. This was one of the things Manon was looking for when she joined the program. She wanted a framework that would help her move forward.

“I learned on my own because they put the right tools in my hands. “(Manon)

Coaching and flexibility

However, knowing how to proceed is not always enough. You still have to go the distance and feel supported. This is the purpose of the coaching and the regular discussions that I set up with the winemakers. In the clubs, a real community has been built up over time, rich in exchanges and mutual support.

“Being coached is not an admission of weakness. Looking back, I realize how beneficial it was for me. “(Olivier)

I also know that your time is precious and that everyone moves at their own pace. Clara greatly appreciated being able to work remotely on a program that was both flexible and easy to implement. I’m pushing you to sell your wine on the Internet, so of course I use the same tools to guide you on a daily basis! You learn step by step and, with a minimum of involvement and seriousness, you end up mastering the whole process. You are able to manage your communication from A to Z without needing anyone else, or even a specific budget.

“It’s a bit of work but it doesn’t take much time. “(Cedric)

Focus, confidence and pride

After a few months of coaching, many of the club members report a change in their behavior. What was blocking them or holding them back has sometimes totally disappeared!

Manon told me that life as a winemaker is a long series of unexpected events. This made it difficult for her to concentrate. She used to spend her time dealing with problems and setbacks. Today, she is very proud of what she has accomplished. She is far from being the only one in this case. Olivier got rid of his fears and all the excuses he used to make to put off taking action.

“I was able to stop and refocus on what I really wanted. “(Olivier)

Vigneronne et ses bébés

Many also talk about increased confidence. In themselves, in their talent. I am always delighted to see these assertive, self-aware personalities emerge!

“You feel better about your self-esteem, you gain confidence, you are more natural. “(Cedric)

“Now, if a professional client asks me a question, I know what to say. Because I feel conviction, I am no longer afraid to do it. I stand tall in all consciousness. “(Manon)

And finally… Sales!

Everything I’ve just told you would probably be pointless if the program didn’t generate real results in terms of sales. After all, that’s why our club members clicked on the membership button in the first place!

Philippe explains that he has developed a system of direct sales on the French market, a sector that is known to be difficult for Bordeaux wines. Cedric is delighted to attract and convert prospects every time he broadcasts a video. Clara hurries to prepare the packages for her new customers. She explains how essential it is to renew one’s customer base in an era when consumers are often fickle.

“With what we have achieved in 5 months, I am now able to sell online. My work is better valued. “(Christophe)

But don’t take my word for it! Instead, I suggest you watch the video gathering the testimonials of these winemakers about iD ViN.

As Olivier explains, for them, the adventure has just begun and is not about to end…

What about you?

How about adopting the same mindset, taking the plunge and, in a while, seeing your sales soar?

If you’re tempted, click here and join our community of talented winemakers who’ve proudly entered the future of wine world!