ID Bubbles : marketing adapted to the world of Bubbles

ID Bubbles is the first external marketing service adapted to the world of BUBBLES*: Ciders, beers, fizzy alcoholic drinks…
* Except Champagne, managed by iDViN Champagne

Our marketing strategy relies on a rigorous approach: analysis of markets’ demands, precise strategies, targeted investments, professional sales tools.

Our strengths:

  • A commercial contract that’s suppler than contracting an employee, a specialised external marketing service, at your disposal, for as long as it takes.
  • A reactive structure, based in Paris, specialised in BUBBLES
  • Pioneering specialisation in the marketing of BUBBLES:
    Expertise in identity, positioning and segmentation of BUBBLES
  • A sense of innovation
  • Expertise in marketing studies, panels, qualitative tests, consumer TESTS
  • High-level know-how in packaging BUBBLES
  • Teaching, training, marketing and sales skills transfer
  • Creativity in original publicity conceptions that respect the EVIN Law
  • Expertise in building “pro-active” RRP (Recommended Retail Prices)


The ID BUBBLES method: logic, creativity and operational rigour. Analysis and recommendations in 3 steps:

1. Identity
2. Strategy
3. Roll out [of marketing action plans]

At each stage a document synthesising actions is made available to you. This document is a veritable marketing guide that allows you to determine your priorities, roll out the actions and budget for them.


  • Evaluation of the stakes, the mission and the objectives
  • Diagnostic of your know-how and your stakes
  • Definition of the identity of your brand(s)

This phase of the audit enables the values and strengths of your BRAND CAPITAL to emerge, it’s necessary to know who you are in order to reach a destination and establish precise objectives. Your identity is the source of inspiration, the guarantee of the coherence and sound foundations of your marketing and commercial approach.


  • POSITIONING of brands and ranges
  • SEGMENTATION and simplification of products
  • Description of a complete MIX for each brand
  • Marketing and sales ACTION PLANS

Differentiate from competitors, define targets, analyse the possible means to achieve objectives, divide tasks into logical steps… This preparatory work helps limit risks and ensures available budgets are used optimally.

Roll out of marketing plans

  • Executing the operation
  • Supervision and roll out of the tools defined in the plan: packaging, point of sales supports, communication, PR, events…
  • Internal training, sales force coaching, animation, accompaniment

In a business, often there isn’t the time to stand back and create a mix for “SPIRITS”, the business plan for a launch, the promotion and the communication tools. Faced with daily commercial pressures and the management of urgencies, how can sales directors also be asked to supervise packaging, write up persuasive messages, the texts for a brochure, an internet site, update a product’s technical sheet or even write back-labels? The
ID SPIRITS service sub-contracts this marketing work, and provides your sales force with operational sales tools.

Specific missions – a few examples


Developing a mix for each range and rolling out the marketing action plans.
Consumer tests
Packaging creation
Pricing / market
Institutional or targeted documentation
Sales arguments
Photo library of consumer attitudes
Promotional actions and tools tailored to objectives
Creation of advertisements
Media planning
Creation and updating of Internet tools, on-line stores
Recruitment of sales managers for France and Export
Internal training
Sales pitch role playing & “TERET Method” coaching
Accompaniment in sales and prospection
Scheduling and follow-up of results

In compliance with the ID BUBBLES method, the roll out of these missions is preceded by an analysis of IDENTITY and the establishment of essential STRATEGIC TOOLS.

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