iDViN: “identi-terre” marketing at the service of wine…

iDViN is the premier external marketing service specialising in analysing wine brand identities, best practices in packaging, communication and wine promotion.

iDViN helps you to dynamize and to perpetuate your sales in France and Export markets, in order to build your brand’s signature over the long term. With you, we VALORISE your wines while respecting their nature, values and timeless identity.

    Skills :

    • A team with international training in marketing, that’s connected to wine, and experienced in commercialising wine.

    • An effective and proven method adapted to Old World situations.

    • Solid working knowledge of EXPORT, TRADITIONAL and SUPERMARKET channels and markets.

    • Knowledge of how to innovate while respecting the cultural givens of the PREMIUM wine world.

    • A sense of what’s artistic and creative.

    • A service based in Paris and present in wine producing regions.

    Satisfied clients:

    • Producers and distributors, with a real and beautiful story to tell, who valorise and work to improve their wines.

    • French wine producers: Languedoc, Bordeaux, Loire, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Côtes de Rhône, Champagne, Alsace, Provence, Corsica…

    • Independent wineries, merchants, cooperatives.

    • Distributors, inter-professionals.

    • Professionals of PREMIUM wines.


    “Wine Identity [Identi-terre] Marketing”

    The iDViN method :
    1. Identify the soul of your wine
    2. Position / Re‐position
    3. Communicate & Promote

    Best marketing, communication and promotion of wine practices: visual identity, packaging, publicity, brochures and information technologies, wine on the internet, multi-media promotion

    At each stage a document synthesising actions is made available for you. These documents are veritable marketing guides that allow you to follow the missions as they unfold. Our reports are regular and detailed.

    IMG_9097 iDViN


    • Diagnostic of the values of the product’s IDENTITY
    • Diagnostic of the KNOW-HOW
    • Definition of the quantitative (turnover, margins) and qualitative (notoriety, image) OBJECTIVES
    • Development of the mission

    This phase of the audit enables the values and strengths of your BRAND CAPITAL to emerge; it’s necessary to know who you are in order to reach a destination and establish precise objectives. Your identity is the source of inspiration, the guarantee of the coherence and sound foundation of your marketing and commercial approach.

    Position /


    • Definition of optimum POSITIONING
    • Analysis of the competition
    • From this SEGMENTATION / criteria of consumption, production
    • Establish the COHERENCE of the range; adapt wine labels and back-labels
    • Validation tests among target consumers (France, EXPORT)

    Differentiate from competitors, define targets, analyse the possible means to achieve objectives, divide tasks into logical steps… This preparatory work helps limit risks and ensures available budgets are used optimally.


    & Promote

    • COMMUNICATION & PROMOTION ACTION PLANS budgeted over 3 years
    • Creative visual publicity for France & Export
    • Wine press relations, multi-media public relations
    • Creation of information tools and INTERNET communication
    • Recruitment of wine neo-consumers
    • URBAN events and professional trade fair activities
    • Sales pitch development (with sales team training)
    • Promotion of the brand across social networks
      VIDEO, QR Code…

    We are your EXTERNAL MARKETING SERVICE in support of your internal marketing service: our involvement by your side is strong. Our TOOLS are personalised and effective. You pilot your identi-terre marketing approach; the iDViN team is at your service to assure the smooth running of operations. We take the time and give you the perspective so that the most effective communication and promotion tools for your wines are put in place.

    Specific missions – a few examples:

    Identify, position, communicate and promote
    Specific “identi-terre” marketing missions

    Create “brand concepts” ®
    Creative brainstorming sessions, legal validation, brand registering.

    Execute design, wine packaging, and wine labels
    With our independent designers and artists, under supervision…

    Establish a profitable, acceptable price
    Fix the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) and RWP (Recommended Wholesale Price). Storecheck, mapping.

    Conception of sales tools
    Presentation of your identity and positioning. Profile of your group, arguments, triptych, kakemono…

    Understand the consumers
    Consumer studies, product tests, round tables, qualitative and quantitative analyses. Comparative tastings.

    Press packs, contact with purchasing advisors, publicity concepts, Internet sites and tools…

    Promote and animate
    Quantity, price, gift, competition, and winemaker promotions…
    20B4 [Vin Before] events & VIDEO TASTING combined with Wine Community Management social networks.

    Significant moment support
    Marketing to purchasing agents. Trade fairs, specific meetings. Organising meetings with buyers, supermarket marketing directors. Agent searches, EXPORT market selection.

    Sales representative recruitment
    Bespoke recruitment of sales directors, France and Export, assistants, and directors of zones, VIE. Help in creating sales forces, sales positions.

    Team training
    Sales techniques, sales role play, sales coaching, TERET® method [Technique Elimination Rapide des Emotions Toxiques], marketing and sales skills training…

    In keeping with the iDViN method, the execution of these missions is preceded by an analysis of your IDENTITY and the establishment of POSITIONING (including SEGMENTATION), essential and fundamental strategies.

    Are you interested?